Top 8 Consumer VR Cameras in 2017

15 Mar , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Top 8 Consumer VR Cameras in 2017

Joan-Silicon Valley

Even if you are not an early adopter of VR videos, it is likely that you have already watched one at some point, and wondered how it was filmed. In that case, what we are going to talk about today would be a good starting point.

Below are the top 8 cameras that we think will help you create your first own VR video, and more importantly, they are at affordable prices.

1.Samsung Gear 360 — $299

Composed of two 180 degree F2.0 fisheye lenses, with just one click, you can merge them to produce a seamless 3840×1920 high-resolution 360° image with Samsung Gear 360 camera.

Of all the VR cameras available right now, Gear 360 is probably the best VR camera for personal use, at only $349. However, Apple fans will be pretty disappointed, because this camera only supports connection with certain Samsung mobile devices, and the editor software for its video output can only be installed on Windows operating systems.


2. Insta 360 NANO— $199

Insta 360 NANO, on the opposite, only supports Apple devices, where it directly connects to the Lightning dock on your iPhone. Developed and manufactured by a local technology company, Insta 360 is one of the best known VR brands in China. The NANO camera is light-weighted with good performance for its price. This is an absolutely good option for early adopters with a tight budget.


  1. Ricoh THETA S — $299

Being one of the earliest VR cameras, THETA S becomes less impressive compared with its cheaper and stronger competitors. Specs-wise, Theta S model supports 1080p HD at 30fps for up to 25 minutes. Its light-weight, portability and long battery are also selling points for this device.


4. Ricoh R — Price to be announced

Developed and manufactured by the same Japanese brand Ricoh, Ricoh R is more powerful in specs, as well as its battery life. The biggest difference is its ability to film continuously for 24 hours. Resolution is 1920×1080 at 30 fps. A must have for those want to make longer videos!

5. Bublcam—$579

This is the VR camera that has “absolutely no blind spots”. It also includes features for HDR and time-lapse photos. Another feature of Bublcam is its compatibility with Oculus Rift, which can be easily used to create VR videos. You can even use Bublcam as an indoor surveillance camera, but for the relatively high price.

6. Kodak PIXPRO SP360—$279

With a splash-proof build, ultra-wide 235-degree lens, extreme temperature and 2-meter drop tolerance. You can basically treat it as the VR version GoPro.  When a pair of two PIXPRO SP360 4K cameras are paired together, you will have a 360 spherical picture.


7. Kodak PIXPRO VR360 4K— $499

This is the camera premium version of Kodak’s VR camera PIXPRO VR360 4K, has a stable remote control, the operation is a bit unusual too, where you just need to press buttons for function selection. This becomes handy in outdoor use settings. Moreover, VR360 4K can be connected to smart phones, Mac, and Kodak’s official editing and stitching App. For those prioritize speed (and quality for sure), this is undoubtedly the best choice on the market now.


8. LG 360 CAM— $199.99

Even on the cheaper end of the 8 cameras, but it doesn’t fall short on specs. With two 14MP, 200-degree wide angle cameras, you’ll get 2K videos and 5.1 surround sound channel recording through three microphones. However, you will have to buy your own MicroSD card for storage.



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