Top 13 Panorama/360-Degree Photo Viewers

28 Nov , 2017 Others Mina Bradley

Top 13 Panorama/360-Degree Photo Viewers

After having created amazing panoramas, you’re probably wondering what are some solutions for viewing 360 images on desktop and mobile. In a previous post we’ve included some 360 media players that allow for viewing both 360 photos and videos. 

You probably also know that content platforms such as Kuula, VeeR and Roundme offer online image hosting. You can check out Kuula’s blog on how to embed their 360 images, and VeeR’s blog on embedding and sharing your panoramas, and also Roundme’s guide for embedding a 360 tour.

If you’re thinking of building your own website, besides these obvious choices, here’s an additional list of the best panorama viewers for web:


Google VR View for the Web is a great choice for developers that want to build browser-based sites or prefer their content to work with Google Cardboard and Daydream headsets. It has SDKs available for mobile app development as well.

3. A-Frame

A-Frame in panorama photo

Backed by Mozilla, A-Frame is the leading open source project for WebVR, which makes it work with web sites as well as Vive, Rift, Daydream, GearVR, and mobile phones.

Photo Sphere Viewer has a stable JavaScript library, and allows download of 360 image and zoom in and out, which you can choose from the menu bar.

It works best for web and isn’t fully optimized for headsets yet.

5. React VR


React VR is optimized for Facebook apps, and requires Node.js to work.

Find it on GitHub

We also have some options for mobile, although most apps presently available are infested with ads and simply don’t run smoothly enough. Here are a couple decent ones:

1. Look See

This app is simplistic down to bare bones. Just open the app and select the panorama you want to see from your album, and voila.

Download from App Store

2. Panoramas, iOS

You might see a lot of ads before paying for a Pro subscription, but overall the app does its job.

3. Scope, Android & iOS

Scope by IrisVR, though has a free app whose iOS version looks like a ripoff of the Android version, actually requires a paid subscription where you can manage and create panorama sets online in the Scope library hosted under IrisVR, and generate a shareable code for someone using mobile devices (see below).

However, this app does require a Cardboard headset to be able to work. You can book a Cardboard using IrisVR’s promo code though.

4. VR Media Player, Android

Apps NOT to waste your time on

PhotoSphere Viewer iOS/Android: Terrible design, doesn’t load properly, and has aggressive ads.

360 Pano (iOS): Straight up didn’t work, but on the slim chance that it worked for you, congrats.

PanoraView (iOS): Horrible, horrible user interface. Also it reportedly fails to load your Panorama album which can save you a lot of time scrolling through your gallery looking for a pano.

TurnMe Panorama (Android): It CONSTANTLY shows their red & white logo at the bottom of your screen.

If you are looking for VR devices, please visit VeeR Store.


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  1. I always wants to learn about more on 360 panorama… Please post more blogs on it..

  2. Shashank Mishra says:

    Really helpful information. You can alao add LG 360 cam viewer for android which display all panoramas and videos from device at one place.

  3. Patrik Johansson says:

    I use Ricoh Theta software for PC to easily view my 360´s

  4. map says:

    so is there any partial panorama player, not 360×360, but FFFxYYY

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