Top 11 Christmas VR Experiences & Games

22 Dec , 2018 News Mark Metry

Top 11 Christmas VR Experiences & Games

Do you celebrate Christmas?

Today’s beautiful holiday season is now accessible to everyone, even if you live in a country where the Christmas is not celebrated thanks to virtual reality.

Today we have for you the top Christmas experiences sure to warm your holiday spirit with abundance and community. Check out the experiences on VeeR today and let us know how it goes below!

What gifts did you prepare for your families and friends this Christmas? No matter what the gifts are, I bet you’ve already carefully chosen the best ones. We also prepare Christmas gifts for you and your families. Put on your VR headset and enter the VeeR Christmas Cain. Relax on the couch and look around. The glowing items on the Christmas tree represent different VR content. Click on the glowing items, trust me, you’ll find some unexpected surprises.

Besides the Christmas Cabin VR experience, we prepare Oculus and many other gifts for you. Share the VeeR Christmas Cabin on your facebook and twitter, and you will be qualified to win the gifts. We‘ll draw the lotteries in VeeR VR: Best VR Content of the Year in Altspace. The full list of winners will be announced on Facebook at 9 pm PST on Dec. 26th. We will also send emails to the lucky winners. Please stay tuned and follow VeeR on Facebook.

You can download VeeR VR in your OculusSamsung Gear VRHTC ViveWindows Mixed Reality,  Google DaydreamSteam VR and Lenovo Mirage Solo to have a wonderful Christmas experience.

There’s nothing cuter than adorable snowmen & Christmas elves dancing around a holiday-themed town circle. Look up to the sky and you can enjoy a holiday-themed title introducing with best wishes, Merry Christmas from Nick Carter & Studio Gallant.

Enjoy the snow falling amidst the snowy mountains in the background as well as the beautifully crafted houses, atmosphere, Christmas trees, and sleds all working synchronously with each other to create a beautiful virtual reality holiday.

Wanna hit virtual kids in the face this Christmas? Well, now you can with Hatrabbit’s Merry Snowballs, perhaps one of the highest action packed holiday games that is not only beautiful but also very intense.

“Mobile VR feels like a natural step in our journey of exploring the market and Merry Snowballs is a perfect fit on these platforms. Merry Snowballs is a game for the whole family and we are releasing it for free so more people can experience high-quality games. We are also working together with partners like Omnivirt and Advrty in order to explore in-game advertising in VR.”

– Andreas Chryssovitsanos, co-founder of Hatrabbit

Need a break from the cartoon graphics? You will enjoy this 360 video experience showcasing Christmas clips from some places in America including Edmonton, Calgary and New York. Take a glimpse at some of the most crowded areas in New York at night without the pedestrian traffic!


Each 360 scene showcases a specific aspect of the holiday’s in the big city with shots from Bridges, Ice rinks, City centers and more. A great experience for anyone wondering what Christmas looks and feels like in the United States of America.

CEEK VR, offers music experiences with U2, Lady Gaga, Disclosure, Nas, and more, has combined Christmas music into an amazing virtual reality merry experience! Move through a Christmas musical soundtrack through the eyes of Santa Claus himself. Explore the magical ambience of the north pole with music from Gwen Stefani, One Republic, The Jackson 5, Lady Gaga and more talented artists.

“The inspiration for the story transpired from the universal themes of Christmas songs that everyone can relate to, for example: The magic and innocence of the first snowfall, the yearning for those we loved and lost, the warmth of the season, and in our VR world, imagining life without the goodwill of Christmas. The story is unveiled through music and vivid imagery. We brought art to life with animation, to give people the feeling of being in a Christmas postcard. Like any music video or live experience, I’m sure people will have their own interpretations or just enjoy the experience in novel and unintended ways.”

– Mary Spio, CEO of CEEK and Executive Producer of A VRy Merry Experience

For foreigners, Christmas is just as valuable to the Chinese people as the Chinese New Year. It is a day of family reunion and lively reunion. But do you know what real Christmas is like?

Nikk used VR to record the story of returning to Canada from Canada to spend Christmas with family. No matter how far you go, your home is worried. No matter how far you go, the days of reunion always go back to your loved ones.

Come with Nikk on his journey around from Airport, Airplane, family home, church to choir. Nikk even reads a bit of the Christmas story to you and watch as the family and kids unpack their holiday stockings and gifts!

Do you hate Santa Claus? 

I don’t. But in “I Hate Santa” there are many enemies that do hate Santa’s arrival and in turn will fight you to stop you from meeting the great Santa King himself. You are stationed on a holiday sled with a built-in cannon that automatically shoots snowballs at goes. Move your head to aim the cannon and be sure to dodge the incoming snowballs with your head.

Shoot down elf kid’s that build machine guns and can even fly with jetpacks! Need more assistance? Shoot down power ups that carry upgrades all the way from boosting your health to increase the rapid-fire rate on your weapon.



Want to see how people move and react in the city London at Christmas? Virtualistika showcases the 360° coverage of what people do at Christmas and which are the most popular Christmas locations.

You can experience Carnaby, Oxford, and Regent Street as well as Natural History Museum Ice, Merry Go-rounds, Somerset House of Ice Skating and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Virtual reality’s amazing capabilities enable us to get a glimpse of an area without attending first to make sense of whether you should become a tourist of that place or not.

Many of us dream as a kid of one day flying in Santa’s sled with Reindeer. Well, with this 360 video by Project360 you can now fly over Montreux Noel and Geneva Lake in Switzerland. Enjoy the beautiful city landscape flocked with happy tourists and Christmas lights. On the right-hand side, you can view the beautiful lake, mountains, and boats among the mesmerizing sunset.

The only thing that’s better than Christmas is Christmas with LEGOs! Dunkster Bricks showcases his amazing LEGO holiday landscape with steam trains passengers and even robots! Look up and enjoy the view of Star Wars fighter jets and even legendary Jedi’s like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Turn around and see the wonderful merry go round moving the different LEGO pieces and actors around the tree in the center.


Your challenge is to spot all of the different LEGO sets and put it down below in the comments!

YummyVR has created possibly the most fun Christmas experience on VeeR to date! Santa’s on a mission to deliver presents and gifts to children around the world. A band of ninja’s surrounds and tries to pull an invasion on Santa Clause. Luckily, these ninja’s are no match for Santa’s holiday spirit warrior skills.

Watch as Santa delivers punch after punch after a powerful blow to each crafty ninja. Santa can even handle hundreds of jabs from Ninjas with his armor-like stomach and holiday senses. If you watch until the end you can even see Santa kick the ninja on his way out!

In conclusion, this Christmas Holiday make sure to give thanks for your situation in life with your friends and family in virtual reality experiences! VR technology can be a great mediator for fun, enjoyment, and even social connection and community.

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