Top 10 360/Virtual Reality Horror Videos

11 Jul , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Top 10 360/Virtual Reality Horror Videos

In virtual reality, horror is one of the best genres, placing users into an immersive state in which they are completely unable to escape. VeeR VR has already host a surprising amount of VR horror videos. Such 360 degree and immersive video content makes people feel much more terrifying than traditional horror movies. But, for lovers of horror videos, they feel so so so good.


1、 Inside the Chamber of Horrors


A VR horror video created by our creator inside360, by combining the most advanced virtual reality technology and classic plot, the immersive experience allows the audience to become part of the story, so that the boundary between reality and fiction is more vague and this VR experience more exciting.


2、 Exploring the Weird House


The first VR zombie video in China, scary! It is mainly about the “exploration of the truth” column led by a beauty host to explore an old house in the city which was abandoned for rumors of supernatural events, they want to unveil the myth. But in the interview on the way encountered accident zombie!


3、 Chinese Horror Story: Ghost words


When you stray into a haunted house, suddenly there is a mysterious voice sounded in your ear, let you follow his instructions, or you will be killed, then, you will listen to his words? A variety of bizarre stories are happening in the office…


4、 xiao wan’s strange story


This horror VR video is about a girl Xiao Wan’s different bizarre experience. In each episode, she told the audience about the horror stories she had personally experienced in the way of the third person and the first person: in the toilet of a hazy night, the rainy night library experience, the horror in hotel … …

5、 Horror Laboratory 360º Virtual Reality


There are serial killers, crazy scientists, psychiatrists, and all terrible things might happen in this terrible office. Walking in this lab, as if fear has penetrated into your every inch of skin. Do you dare to go through it? Warning: Do not watch this video if you are suffering from a heart attack.


6、 《A Day Before The Night (Trailer)》

        Creator:Start VR

“A Day Before The Night” is a crime thriller based on the virtual reality. You play the role of former police Veronica Coltrane, who was involved in a conspiracy of a big criminal case, threatened, intimidated, and his daughter was kidnapped. This story told how he tried his best to rescue her daughter.


7、 《Experience an Illustrated Virtual Reality Story 》


Have you ever dreamed that a wizard living in your room in childhood? He would wake up every night to play with you and meet your wishes. This short animated film is not like a horror one, on the contrary, it is cute, lovely telling a most realistic dream of everyone.


8、 Death Divination


Similar to the Oriental fairy, divination game goes the same. Bright and dark lights, half opened closet door, divination board, a gang of people play psychic game, while the candle goes out, the result is …….


9、《SAW Want Play a Game – Point of View First Person – Saw Legacy》

        Creator:360 VR ADVENTURE

Woke up in a dilapidated basement, he found his body locked by serrated chains to the stool, in front of him a small tape recorder and a glass bottle filled with unknown solution on the table. Kidnapper’s voice came: 2 minutes and 39 seconds to lift the chain, escape the basement, otherwise … …


10、 《CVB3RWARIV. 2045 (360° video)》

        Creator:MICHAEL GREEN

This film explores the danger of militarization using artificial intelligence. When 2045 arrives, Super Smart AI has their own assembled global army and multiplies it exponentially. The earth which mankind lives on is threatened by artificial intelligence, and where should human go?


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