Top 10 VR 360° Illustrations/Art!

11 Dec , 2017 Others Dawei Chen

Top 10 VR 360° Illustrations/Art!

For concept artists, 360° VR illustration is the perfect medium by far. It’s immersive and interactive compared to a regular 2D picture, yet a less pain in the ass than making a full VR video. Here VeeR gathers some of the most interesting ones we’ve seen so far! We will also be analyzing a powerful piece, over a smart spatial technique one can adopt in 360° art making. There are too some useful guides at the end of the article for those interested. It’s actually not as hard as you may think.

No.10 Virtual Escapes

Intervention… incoming transmission scene.


No.9 Julien Gauthier

Concept art inspired by the universe in The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.


No.8 Mini Bigs

Probably the two best things about Autumn (Fall) captured in one image – The Cider apple harvest and the hum of the harvest fair.


No.7 Sergey Orekhov

Step into the “nearest future Russia” in this one, between order and chaos. 


No. 6 Pavel Krishin

Creek deep in the forest.

Water The noise of, crackling wind in the leaves, the cries of birds and animals in the thicket … or is it the forest spirits speak to us …

Oh-oh-oh ….

… Ka-clunk

Clicka-aa …


No.5 Natural Warp

Dance of the electron – I’m sure I saw this electron dance on the beats of the vibration of a thrillimeter in a nanosecond to the millionth … I guess one can visit the world of the unseen …


No.4 Nacho Yague

Chilled ride. 


No. 3 Raja Nandepu

Journey into the light is a choice, and… a never-ending one.


No.2 RubenFro

Suspended in a cubic projection of space. Warping worlds, stretching lines, bending planes, under a fog of chrome and nitrogen vapors.

The sky has melted and it’s now solidified. Everything turned in concrete.


No. 1 Eric Gonzales

“Everybody thinks I’m crazy. I also do from the very first time I saw her. But then… she has not left.”

One thing sure about this list is that Eric Gonzales’ painting deserves the first place. The fun, also the toughest part of 360° art is that it proposes the question of how should we utilize its space. We often see artists fill the space with interesting content. There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach to 360° art, but it misses a function that a traditional medium can’t do as well as VR can – spatial interaction. This painting is filled with almost 80% pitch black, a scene of the main character sitting in a psychological dark space. Yet, as you explore her dark room, following her line of sight, consciously or unconsciously, you are guided to the true highlight of this piece.

This technique utilizes a total advantage of VR over the regular medium. Even in a still frame, you can create an active interaction with the audience. Such interaction could be a form of storytelling by itself. In this case, the default preview orientation leads you on a guided exploration of the space, until you inevitably find its hidden core message.

It also directly challenges the notion that virtual reality art’s immersive-ness necessarily comes from vivid colors and patterns. A powerful message can be conveyed as long as space has been used effectively.



How to create VR Illustrations/Art?

There is a number of ways to do so. Many use Photoshop as a preferred tool. Check out this comprehensive 4 step guide on how to make VR illustrations/Art by studiobehind90. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one tool. That is the best part of multi-media art. You can get immensively creative. If you wish to learn more about this subject, VeeR Blog has interviewed many top creators for your reference.

If you need help drawing a fast sketch for VR, Volodymyr Kurbatov, an AR/VR product designer has shared an interesting technique here.

Exporting a design from to a 360° format is also very straightforward. Many concept interior designers or architects use this to showcase their art by following this tutorial(3DS MAX).

If you have created multiple VR 360° still frames, you can showcase them by making a slideshow! Check out the easiest solution by far.


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For more VR 360° illutrations/art, visit VeeR/360art.


Hope you have enjoyed this top 10 list. Leave in the comment below for what type of list you’d like to see next, or what do you think of this VR/360° medium?

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