Top 10 AR Shopping and Branded Apps for iOS & Android

17 Jan , 2018 Academy,Others Mina Bradley

Top 10 AR Shopping and Branded Apps for iOS & Android

Established global conglomerates are increasingly adopting AR to increase brand visibility, which brought about a flood of fantastic branded apps. Besides promoting their business, these apps also dose out enjoyable experiences. Here we’ve selected the best apps we could find for you to check out. Go try them out!

BMW Visualizer

This app features the BMW i series of electric vehicles. After choosing the model you’d like to view in AR, you will need to choose an area to place the car, and the camera initiates from inside the car with you virtually sitting on the passenger seat.

You can take photos of your view, or examine exterior and interior details of the model.


NBA AR comes with a game-like twist, where you launch the app and choose your favorite team. Based on your choice, the basketball court in your game will be customized. 

If the team you chose has upcoming games, you can choose to purchase tickets to them, which will redirect you to Ticket Master.

By tapping on Let’s Play, you’re entering a shooting game where tilting back your phone gains momentum and thrusting forward tosses the ball out. Where the ball lands will determine how many points you get.

I did terrible but you get the idea.

Food Network In the Kitchen

AR is integrated with Food Network’s nifty app by way of a cupcake challenge. You choose the holder, frosting, topping, and all sorts of fun accessories.

You first start with a plain bread. I chose this pink liner, purple frosting, and being an old-school gal I stuck to a candle. Look at those blinding flames though!

IKEA Place

IKEA Place helps you decide which pieces of furniture look good around your house. You can scroll through their catalog and choose anything to place in the AR view. I selected this children’s stool.

You can resize and snap images of your new installation.

Fun fact: IKEA has this unique name convention for its products because the founder Ingvar Kamprad is dyslexic.


Magnolia is an extremely elegant home décor and lifestyle app, and its AR effects are meticulously executed. Here despite relatively poor lighting, you can see that the tube rack I chose blended right into the environment, and the cast shadow was very natural. Great job, Chip and Joanna!


roOomy is another home furnishing app with awesome AR effects. I browsed and placed this snug bed by a window. 

Pottery Barn 3D Room View

Pottery Barn has perfectly integrated AR with your shopping experience. You choose anything from a category, place it in your room, change the size, color etc, and if it strikes your fancy you can add it to your Shopping Bag. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. doesn’t have too many products ready for AR preview, but it offers very unique controls. Upon launching the app, you will see the option “In-Home Preview”. Tap through and you will be able to choose from Lighting and Kitchen Faucets.

I chose a ceiling light, which asks me to measure out the floor and ceiling.

Now cue the magic: I can turn the light on and off. I can also make the light hang higher or lower.


Houzz offers “View in My Room” on product pages. When you’re viewing the object in 3D, you can add it to a list or drop it in your shopping cart directly.


Wayfair as an amazing app for shopping for home goods. If a product has a purple “3D” label on its thumbnail, you can view it in augmented reality. I chose a simple coffee table and placed it in our office. The future is incredible.

There were also apps that weren’t truly AR-ready such as Threadest, which only offered its shopping interface in AR but individual items were still in 2D; Joss & Main, which instead of detecting flat surfaces to place AR objects, simply plastered flat stickers of items onto your camera’s viewfinder; Anthropologie, Overstock, Edmunds were listed as AR compatible but there wasn’t any noticeable AR access in the app. 

If you can think of more apps for us to put in this list, let us know in the comments below! 


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