#ThroughHerLens Winner Announcement

28 Mar , 2018 Contest VeeR VR

#ThroughHerLens Winner Announcement

On March 8th, we set out a call for 360 photos and videos of women and by women to celebrate International Women’s Day. In merely 18 days, over 90 creators shared with us 319 photos and 140 videos that told the story of women from all walks of life, all around the world. 

Out of these 94 creators, an unprecedented number of 39% involved female creators. Simply wow. The stories of how these women became 360/VR creators are all one of a kind as well. There’s Pam who was introduced to us by good friend friend RonBevJackie and Nanda who were handed a 360 camera by their husband BoleslawDavid and Ajeossi; there’s SaschaBiscuitDad, and Rully who let their wife take over their accounts. We also had couples like 2feelalive & Amanjeet who documented the joy of traveling with your loved one, ToshioZimha360, and Andri who shared with us the joy of children. 

We also cannot forget creators like AnastasiaAaronREALVISION360 and VRLIFECANADA who brought our attention to the social problems that still exist today, and #ChrisOwenHalper, MoDaFo360 & Hashtagluego who gave us hope through their captures of Women’s Marches from all over the world. 

We also enjoyed seeing work by female filmmakers like MichaelFifer and Christina, and experiencing everyday life captured by VR enthusiasts like CieraFlora and Rocky. Thank you for showing us the world through your lens. 

Thank you to all the creators who supported this contest and before we announce the winners, we just want to say that if you didn’t win this time, it only means you have more chances to win in the future! 

It was very difficult for us to pick only 6 winners from all of our amazing creators, but there were a few creators whose work really stood out to us and here they are: 

The Future is Female Award will be awarded to Artist Life Vision VR, a studio lead by Stephanie Marlo. Check out over 30 of their submissions for the #ThroughHerLens contest and watch out for more amazing content that they’ll be creating with their new 4k 3D 360° Vuze+ VR Camera! 📷

The People’s Choice Award goes to Daniela Tocan who received over 1000 likes on the 20+ photos and videos she submitted for the contest! Keep up the great work Daniela! 💪

The Creativity Award goes to Carabee Drone for this brilliant photo that displayed great manipulation of space and time. We hope that you will use our 4k 3D VR180° LucidCam prize to create more amazing photos and videos in the future! 👏

The new VeeR Oasis Headset will go to MoDaFo360° for the meaningful videos she submitted in support of our Women’s Day contest. Thank you for your work from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️

Two of our most popular VeeR 3D Fabric Headsets will each be awarded to Irene Scales for the over 20 high quality aerial photos she submitted and to Tytus Bergstrom for entering our Twitter giveaway & #ThroughHerLens contest! 😎

If we haven’t reached out to you already, please contact our admins in our Facebook community to receive your prize! 

Last but not least, we sincerely thank everyone for entering the #ThroughHerLens contest and contributing to a good cause! 

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  1. Toshio says:

    I would like to thank the Veer family for providing us with this space and it is an honor to have the name among these incredible creators! Thank you also on behalf of my little girl who already loves to produce and hope to have a promising future in this incredible new medium! We love you! A huge kiss from Brazil! Congratulations women from all over the world always!!!

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