Three Ways to Have a Different Halloween

27 Oct , 2018 News Clark Lambo

Three Ways to Have a Different Halloween

People love the thrill of feeling frightened and will go to great lengths to feel that way, whether that be going on rollercoasters, watching scary movies, touring haunted houses, or using an Ouija board to communicate with the spirits of dead people, there are always people willing to be frightened. As the spookiest holiday of the year, Halloween is a few days away,  it’s the perfect time to get together with friends and family to experience the most horrifying of holidays.


Maybe you’re too old to trick-or-treat, but that doesn’t mean that your fun has to stop! Put on your best Halloween costume and get immersed in the VR world. This is the perfect way to feel every creaky door, every whisper, every scream, every monster, isn’t just on a screen in front of you, but right next to you, all around you. With our list of spooky VR content, Halloween lovers both young and old won’t miss out on the holiday terror!



To start off the Halloween VR content we have different movies and media. Probably the most similar to scary movies, this is a great way for Halloween pros with little to no VR experience to get right into it. Find thrilling VR contents in collections of #Halloween and #Horror on, and download VeeR VR Immersive on your OculusSamsung Gear VRHTC ViveWindows Mixed Reality and Google Daydream to experience more premium Halloween 360/VR contents.

Warner Bros: IT: FLOAT


The original ‘IT’ movie was definitely a big reason why so many kids were scared of clowns growing up, and the ‘IT’ reboot in 2017 brought fresh new life-blood to an already creepy story. It makes perfect sense that a VR IT video would be released and allowed to scare people for the third time. Following true Halloween fashion of joining old traditions with new scares, ‘IT: FLOAT’ is the VR immersion of the classic IT franchise. Following Pennywise the clown down into the sewer is only the first step for this thriller, and as it expands there is a new scare around each and every corner! No matter if you have or have not seen the movies before ‘IT: FLOAT’ is sure to get your heart beating this Halloween.


Dark Corner Studios: Catatonic and Night Night


Next up, Dark Corner Studios has a ton of scary content to get the atmosphere right for any Halloween party. Specifically, their videos: ‘Catatonic’ and ‘Night Night’.


If hospitals and specifically psych wards are not your cup of tea this VR experience might be too much for you. In Catatonic, as your avatar is wheeled into the psychiatric part of a hospital, the dimming lights, lurching ahead of the nurse, and overall atmosphere of the VR world let on that something is not right. As you’re bound to your wheelchair and visited by different people you have no choice but to sit and confront the evil that is all around you!




I had the misfortune, or should I say privilege, of watching ‘Night Night’ in the Veer office this past week. Although I thought the beginning scene was easy to get through because of the familiarity of a bedroom, I soon realized it was just a ploy to give me a false sense of security. A young child is forced to face his fears in a world of nightmares and although he thinks he is safe that’s when the fun really begins! I don’t want to give too much away for either of the videos, so below I have linked Dark Corner Studios.



Halloween 360- Aspekteins Filmproduktion


Following the clown theme, Aspekteins Filmproduktion has come up big with a scary Halloween VR video. The viewers helpless as two people are tied to chairs and surrounded by clowns who very obviously do not want to put on a silly show. It’s difficult to tell what is happening at first but as soon as you turn your head and see all of the depraved clowns you know nothing good is coming. Let’s hope they don’t choose you for their Halloween festivities!


VR Halloween

The last video I want to talk about is more of an upbeat, lighthearted video that’s good for children to watch, or to get your party guests up and dancing. It showcases different Halloween creatures: zombie prisoners, ghouls, police officers and a werewolf, dancing in a circle to Michael Jackson’s classic hit Thriller all the while getting closer and closer to the viewer’s perspective. More fun than spooky it is sure to get people out of their seats, mingling, dancing and most importantly having fun!


Haunted Houses


Besides trick-or-treating and eating candy, nothing compares going to a haunted house in Halloween. Walking around in real life is great, but it leaves something to be desired when the monsters populate the spooky halls. I can think of no better application for a hair-raising Halloween party than haunted houses!


Now, there are a lot of VR videos that take place in creepy old mansions, hospitals, children’s bedrooms, but their storylines cannot make up for the pure-terror caused simply by walking through haunted houses. Over the past few years, companies like have started developing their haunted house VR experiences that required you to play with friends. 


The FearMaster contains multiple thrilling VR experiences, including the haunted house. Putting on the VR headsets, let the FearMaster guide you to your deepest fear.



Gamers will be happy to know that there is no shortage of horrifying VR games. Although they aren’t strictly Halloween themed, playing them during r a Halloween party is a sure-fire way to freak everyone out and get the spooky spirit of Halloween in the air.



As one of the oldest VR horror games and one of the most widely acclaimed games, Dreadhalls is a must mention and a great way to scare friends during Halloween. It takes place in a dark, underground dungeon that is full of monsters and surprises. While players make their way to the surface to escape, they must consider every move, step, sound they make and have to think about the consequences of their pathing. It is a great game because it makes you feel like you’re being pursued and are on the run for your life- a certain thriller!





Similar to the first game, Monstrum,is also escape oriented. While the scenery here is different, taking place on a derelict cargo ship, calculated decision making is needed to progress and beat the game. While you are on the run from a monster it is even more important to make this split-second decision in rapid succession and the thrill comes just as much from being snatched by the monster as trying to outrun its grasp!




Download VeeR VR Immersive on your OculusSamsung Gear VRHTC ViveWindows Mixed Reality and Google Daydream to experience more premium Halloween 360/VR contents.

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