The cutest VR horror experience Fresh Out Is Released on VeeR NOW

20 Dec , 2018 News VeeR VR

The cutest VR horror experience Fresh Out Is Released on VeeR NOW

“Hey, baby carrots, wake up!” As you slowly open your eyes, the sagacious carrot along with other two grown-up carrots is going to tell you a horror story about a monster. The monster has a big mouth and no carrot can escape from it. The old carrot is deeply worried about the future of the species living underneath the garden. But does the monster really exist? You need to find it out by yourself.


Fresh Out, the 7 minute VR animation directed by Sam Wey and Fangchao Tao, humanizes the carrots in the murky netherworld. You are the baby carrot who is not sure about your fate. But trust me, you will have an unprecedented experience to witness the collapse of the netherworld and your demise.


Director’s Statement
“Our goal is to create a comedic, VR, short narrative which contrasts a cartoony aesthetic with the tropes of a horror movie. Within the narrative, we sought to explore certain strengths of VR, such as the impact of the player embodiment from the perspective of a baby carrot and the impact of player scale in relation to the world.”

Fresh Out is now available on VeeR in  Oculus Go,  Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR for you to experience as a baby carrot like never before.


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