VeeR Editor User Reviews: An Innovative 360 Video Editing App

20 Sep , 2017 News VeeR VR

VeeR Editor User Reviews: An Innovative 360 Video Editing App

Since our VeeR Editor (Beta) launched in August, hundreds of people had visited the landing page to get the invitation codes and have a try of the new app. Well, so far so good, we’ve received good feedbacks, reviews for the 360 video editing app as well. Let’s see some of the great reviews, and thanks so much for their great works.


1. “Veer Editor App” Beta Tutorial 360º Go360inc TUT EP1

by Go360inc


2. VeeR 360° Video Editor App Review

by Raul Ramirez


More User Testimonials: 


@Zimha 360

“I am enjoying this app and this community… One of the features I miss would be preview quality. Got the same finger problem with timing stickers would like if we could time them with tipping. Select emoji three tips and place it where you want it for 3 seconds. 🤗 again awesome video I have enjoyed it.”

@Juana Walter

“Changing the orientation and to focus on something is really a great function cuz don’t wanna people see my camera”

@Eugene Beatty

“I like the orientation change feature best too. This is really user-friendly.”



If you’re interested in the free VR video editing app, please visit that page and have a try. Also, any feedback or reviews are really appreciated, thanks for your support!

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  1. Alex D. says:

    So i finally got the invite. Download and installation went flawlessly. Only had 1 360 video on the phone it is 2.34gig big so i wasn’t expecting the app to be able to handle it but it liaded without a problem. Played around with it added music, some text here and there just for the hell of it added some stickers and saved…. Was expecting the app to freeze or just force close but it did go all the way to 100% and even though it took a while to save the file it did save it. Now the moment of Truth playback…. It played flawlessly. PRO’s Easy to use Very easy to understand and get it to work without a tutorial. Easy way to add text,music and stickers to your 360.

    CON’s Not much music to chose from but you can add your own music. Not many stickers. The inability to do one of the basic task of any video editor , trim or cut videos. No support to add still pictures to the video or any kind of tile for intro or outro. Hopefully the ability to delete the logo or eddit it will come with a paid version

    It is an easy to use and it does have a nice UI . I might be asking for too much but i think the ability to cut and trim is essential for editing. Any future updates will add more stickers and music or the ability to trim and cut? The music is fine because you can add your own.

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