Rags to Riches? More Like Rags to StudioZ!

28 Aug , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

Rags to Riches? More Like Rags to StudioZ!


StudioZ is a Korean VR content boutique that has been working on 3D graphics outsourcing for Golf Simulators since 2014, and began experimenting with VR content starting from November 2016.


Golf Simulators


Their first VR animation project, “Rags!”, telling the story of a princess being abducted by a monster named “Rags ZZ” (which also inspired the name for the studio), took 4 months from start to finish. The story has three alternative endings, of which we’ve only seen one so far. For this alternative we see the villain making away with the princess in his carrying bag on her birthday. The car manned by two guards breaks down by the seashore while chasing down the monster, and the scene wraps up in the villain sailing off into the distance while waving smugly.






The Unity game engine was used for production, considering the StudioZ team was mainly comprised of graphic designers, and the engine is powerful even without a specialized programmer.


Meet the crew


“Rags!!” has been met with warm welcome and wide acclaim since its release. In the wake of its popularity, StudioZ is already back to the grind to develop more fresh content for their viewers. Thumbs-up to their work ethic!





As a final note, StudioZ concludes that VR is not NEW anymore, but is evolving rapidly and being enjoyed by people from all over the world. They finished our interview with:


We would like to work against people’s prejudice that VR is dizzy and complicated. We believe we can make new VR content that anyone can enjoy easily and happily.


Kudos to you!


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