Quick Q&A With Paris-based Multimedia Production Company BlueVista

19 Aug , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

Quick Q&A With Paris-based Multimedia Production Company BlueVista


VeeR: When did BlueVista start creating VR videos? What was your first impression upon starting to experiment with VR?

BlueVista: We make VR videos since 2013 when the first Oculus DK1 was released. At first we thought it was an awesome way to immerse viewers into an unforgettable experience.



VeeR: What was the most memorable project you’ve had?

BlueVista: We did several projects and each one was a challenge, but the most memorable we made was a sky-dive project for which we designed a specific helmet to ensure maximum security for the cameraman and optimal cameras positioning.



VeeR: Your production team is exceptionally good at planting visual cues, such as the chat bubbles of the snow groomer, and the altitude meter for the sky diving video. What past experiences have shaped them to be so skilled in leading the audience’s attention?

BlueVista: We improve our videos each time we do the next one. We listen to viewers watching our productions and how they react. When we find something cool to grab attention, we try to improve it and we trash what’s not working.



VeeR: How’d you like to comment on your VR shoot/production experience with CGI and live-action respectively?

BlueVista: It’s an emerging technique. We have to constantly see how everyone is performing and what kind of new tools are released. Then we have to think in 360 and that is a big challenge. Find the right solution to keep it as simple as possible with the best impact on screen.



VeeR: What was your biggest challenge during production, and what solutions did you come up with?

BlueVista: The biggest challenge for us is camera stitching. Shooting is full of constraints and we have to play with it and get the right balance between risk and awesome shots. We hope the progress of the cameras will address this main concern in the future.



VeeR: What 360 camera and software do you use?

BlueVista: We produce the most part of our VR videos with GoPro’s Autopano + After Effects/Skybox. It’s affordable and versatile equipment.The camera in skydiving video was stabilized in post production with Autopano video software. After that, an additional stabilization was applied with skybox studio/mocha in after effects. We recently bought a brand new Insta360 pro and will switch to a new work pipeline.


For more information, please visit BlueVista’s official website: http://www.bluevistaprod.com/


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