QooCam 360 And 3D Camera Review

29 Aug , 2018 Reviews VeeR VR

QooCam 360 And 3D Camera Review

The invention of the panoramic camera has subverted the concept of the conventional camera with more immersive experience. Not only the electronic giants, such as Kodak and Ricoh, but also some newcomers, like insta360 and Xiaoyi, have stepped into this field and launched panoramic cameras. with 16K ultra HD, intelligent tracking, bullet timing, and global first release as gimmicks to attract more users.   

This August, Kandao launched its first consumer camera with three fisheye lenses, which can shoot both 4K 360 and 3D 180 content.

Is this 3D panoramic camera that costs $399 worth purchasing? Check out the review below and you will figure out.

Kandao QooCam


The packing list includes a protective cover/holder, velvet bag, user guide, warranty card, USB A Male to Micro USB Cable, USC Female to Micro USB Cable (OTG), and USB A Female to Type C Cable (OTG).

QooCam Packing List


QooCam has a unique long swiveling body weighted 180 g. Although it’s not as light-weighted as we expect, it’s easy to carry because of its compact size.   

The protective cover can be used as a stand, or a tripod for the light users.

The Qoocam is solidly built with matte black shell, which doesn’t attract fingerprints or smudge.

QooCam Design

The button system is simplified. There are only two buttons power button and shutter button.  Short press the shutter button to take a video, and long press it for 2 seconds to start recording.

Hardware Configuration

The camera has three F2.2, 216°fisheye lenses. The two lenses at the front can shoot 3D 180°images. The third lens is on the back.

Twist it to convert from  2D 360/VR model to 3D 180 / VR180 model easily.

Battery life

The handlebar contains a large capacity battery, which can last more than an hour for  4K video filming and almost 3 hours for 2K video.

Video stabilization

With built-in triaxial IMU stabilization sensor, advanced real-time stabilization technology, and internal stabilization algorithm, QooCam solves multiple shaking problems and shoots smooth images without a stabilizer.

Depth Mapping

Depth mapping is the feature distinguishes QooCam from other consumer panoramic cameras. It can be used in several ways such as replacing the background, or refocusing the camera after the fact.

Camara Params

Photo resolution (VR view mode) 4K 4320*2160
Video resolution (VR view mode) 3840*1920@30fps3840*1920@60fps1920*960@120fps
Photo format JPG,DNG
Video format MP4/MOV
Video codec H264/H265
Audio format PCM/AAC
Bitrate 60Mbps
Operating temperature 0~35°C
Storage temperature -30~65°C
Operating humidity 5~95%RH
Storage humidity 5~95%RH
Wifi transmission distance 15m
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Color Black
Size 30.5x25x198.5mm
Weight 180g

Testing results

You can either use QooCam with SD card, or connect it to your mobile via Wi-Fi and shoot with the viewfinder.  

Firstly, install QooCam mobile app, long press the power button to turn on the camera. Next,  short press power button until the Wi-Fi indicator flashes blue light. After the camera Wi-Fi is available, pair it with QooCam mobile app. Then, you will be able to preview the image in the app.

Speaking of data transmission, QooCam connects to smartphones quickly through Wi-Fi with a stable transmission speed.

QooCam App

You can choose to shoot photo, video or time lapse.

Under video mode, you can choose between 1920×960 120FPS and 3840×2160 60FPS mode. slow motion is also available.

If you choose 120FPS, you will get blurring image quality because the video resolution is degraded, but you will get better slow-motion image quality.

QooCam App
After the shooting, you can preview the images in the album. If you want, you can save the photos or videos into QooCam app to do some simple editing.

QooCam App3

Click Vignette, refocus the image and choose the blurring intensity. On the one hand, you can only apply this feature on 3D 180 images. On the other hand, because the app does bokeh automatically, the edge of the object doesn’t look natural. But this is a common problem for all the similar apps.

When filming 3D videos, users can add to track the target and keep the target stay at the center.

Save the content after you finish editing so that you can share it to multiple platforms.

QooCam provides assorted software called QooCam Studio, which supports both Windows and Mac. You can edit the image after you upload to the QooCam Studio. At the same time, QooCam is developing the live streaming.

QooCam Studio

Besides doing similar post-production editing as QooCam app, QooCam Studio can add anti-shake in post-production.

QooCam Studio

Unfortunately, the background replacement is still in development.

QooCam studio

The good news is that QooCam can satisfy your needs in VR content creation, which helps you shoot excellent panoramic artworks.

QooCam Gif QooCam Gif


As the first came with three lenses and a swiveling body, it not only shoots 4K 360 degree panoramic images but also 3D 180 degree stereo. At the same time, VeeR supports to share all the types of FOV (180*180, 360*180, etc.).

QooCam can satisfy most of the consumer-grade users in its design, price, and image quality. Take it to anywhere, it is easy to record your amazing journey for a long time than you expect from its compact size.

Although the advertised features are still in development, QooCam still represents the cutting-edge technology. Based on its refocusing and perfect stabilization, shooting high-quality 3D/VR images with QooCam is not impossible.

QooCam Image

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