Pinta Studios’ Debuts VR Animation Film “The Dream Collector” At The Venice Film Festival

19 Sep , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

Pinta Studios’ Debuts VR Animation Film “The Dream Collector” At The Venice Film Festival


The 74th Venice International Film Festival, held from August 30th to September 9th, 2017, is a milestone for virtual reality filmmakers.

For this year’s competition, Venice Film Festival established the “Virtual Reality” category, which means that all “Big Three” film festivals are accepting VR entries. 4 out of the 22 finalists worldwide were from China. Among them, Pinta Studios caught our eyes with their debut film “The Dream Collector”, which was recently released on VeeR VR.



The name Pinta came from a ship in Columbus’ fleet sailing for the New World. Records can be found in documents that the crew from that very ship discovered the new land we know as North America today. Pinta Studios inherited the initiative to explore from their spiritual predecessor, and has been persisting in its search for the new land of VR immersive storytelling.

United behind “The Dream Collector” is a young team of dreamers, artists, engineers, and marketers. Though short in the tooth, they are veterans in the animation industry. The film’s director, Mi Li, was on the production team for some of the most critically acclaimed animation films in China, such as “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” and “Rock Dog”.

“The Dream Collector” is 11 minutes long, telling a story of a senior trash picker and his happy-go-lucky canine friend. Together, the pair routinely recycles people’s abandoned dreams and restore them back to their previous glory.



The story was inspired by Mi’s repeated sighting of an old man as he passed a junkyard around three or four years ago. The mental image was consigned to memory and gave us our central character for the film. The emotional overtone is well balanced between the melancholic old man at people discarding their dreams and Roca, his cheerful pup.

Roca received his name from the pen name of Pinta’s CEO, Lei, when he worked for Alibaba as their youngest P8 (Senior Manager Level). Another origin for this name is Cabo de Roca, a cape at the westernmost part of continental Europe, also known as the place “Here, where the land ends and the sea begins” (Aqui, onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa), emblematic of love for adventures.

Lei’s personal experience is a powerful statement of such pursuit. He left behind salaries and options to envy at Alibaba and started his own business as he turned 30. This decision, Lei says, was the best birthday gift he could have given himself.



We wish a smooth sailing for these fearless pioneers!



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