Paper Triangles: The First Ever VR Experience We Created Was “The Conjuring 2”

5 Aug , 2017 Creator Stories Mina Bradley

Paper Triangles: The First Ever VR Experience We Created Was “The Conjuring 2”

Paper Triangles started around late 2015 as a commercial/VFX studio. Frank, Xuan, and Shawn (who joined later) were close college friends before the company even started. “ We came together because I wanted to take a stab at my dream to start my own company”, said Frank. “We didn’t really come together to make VR stories, but in fact that was all luck. We weren’t really sure where the company was going to go but we wanted to create an amazing company culture and stories.”

Both having previously freelanced at SunnyBoy, Frank and his business partner, during their company’s inception phase, were reached out by SunnyBoy about a potential VR project that was full CG. “The Conjuring 2 360 experience was our first ever VR experience. We didn’t have a great idea what our audience would look for in a horror experience but we took some inspiration from the Transformers ride in Universal. We wanted to create an on-rails VR experience. What that meant is we guided the viewer through the story and path, but they had the freedom to look where they please. Since we had the trailer to reference from, a lot of the scares and story beats came from there.”



The Conjuring 2-Enfield 360 Experience and The Conjuring 2: Visions were created respectively for theatrical department and for home entertainment, both as marketing material for the movie. To make sure that the two productions didn’t look the same, the team needed to be really creative with how they deliver the second piece. “We took a lot of inspiration from a horror game that never got made, which was Silent Hill PT. That eerie feeling while walking down a repeating hallway was terrifying for me when I was playing it, we had to try it in VR!” Frank shared this backstage story when asked about ideas behind their works.


VR Set Replication of “The Conjuring 2”


“The most exciting part of creating the Conjuring 2 works was learning how to capture the audience’s attention in VR.” Frank told us that figuring out how to make each assets work together was really fun. “Everything we were doing was cool and had potential. We killed so many ideas because they were either too out there or they made people sick.”



In addition to VR experience for the Conjuring 2, Paper Triangles also created a multi-person VR installation which was also transformed into a 360 video. “The concept [of the work] was simple, to create abstract worlds that would represent the feelings of rejuvenation and revitalization.” The team took inspiration from the quote “Greenery really symbolized the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose” by Leatrice Eiseman. It helps them find a way to connect the virtual world with reality. They also dug into their love for movies when they had to conceptualize different abstract worlds that represented Pantone’s color “Greenary”.



“In the scene where there is a bus stop, that was a direct homage to Totoro. The glass world scene was an inspiration from the Doctor Strange scene where Strange was falling non-stop into this abstract world. At some point, he lands into a reflection of himself that would shatter into the glass world. A lot of our inspiration comes from the things, movies, games, and other amazing artists that we love.”



As Frank told us, the only difference between the installation and the video was the ambiance of the gallery. There were people flowing in and out of this green abstract seed that was just hanging in mid air. They were all curious about the seed and couldn’t wait to try it out. The whole gallery was bright with a lot of green and that really creates a different vibe for the piece.



“We just wrapped a pretty big VR job called Float. This was a promotional piece for the horror film “IT”. The experience was released at Comic Con this year. We hope to release that on our VeeR account as soon as we can. Another project we just finished is with Walmart, but that isn’t as creative as some of the other experience we did. This one is more of a 360 video. We are always working on our own VR experience, more to come on that!”

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