No More Picture Portfolio Please! VR Revolutionizes Interior Design Industry!

4 Dec , 2017 Case Studies Dawei Chen

No More Picture Portfolio Please! VR Revolutionizes Interior Design Industry!

Chohero, an independent interior designer upgraded his business website with a VR kick. He, joining the frontiers, realizes the power of immersion when showcasing designs to clients.

Traditionally, interior designers showcase their creations via picture slideshows, like the one below.

interior design 360-degree slideshow

With a simple tech upgrade, now interior designers can do this:

360 vr interior design

You can also create a virtual tour of the house via interaction hotspots:

vr revolutionize interior design

Why VR/360°?

Chohero mentioned that this trend started only recently. Now the top designers have all jumped on board. Interior design business is very competitive, and clients care a lot about designer portfolio. It’s a “necessary development,” as VR does a way better job at showcasing than traditional 2D medium:

[1] It’s engaging. The experience of virtual tour alone excites clients.

[2] It becomes interactive with virtual tour.

[3] It makes you standout among competitors.

In the end, Chohero summarizes, “it gives clients confidence in me and my products. My business conversion rate has improved greatly since I made the transition.”

If we take a step further, companies like Virtualhome specializes in virtual tours, for property investors, renovations services and those seeking to take a tour of their future employers, etc.

How to VR/360°?

There are many softwares out there. And VeeR has made lots of tutorials on 3D/360°/VR. Chohero personally prefers 3DS MAX because it’s easy, and fast. He said the process would take about the same, if not less, time than making 2D pictures.

You can check out our 3DS MAX tutorial. There are also companies specialize in VR/360° rendering, such as LetsDesign Studios, a US based rendering service provider.

What to do now?

Step 1: Start your 360° portfolio now!

Step 2: Upload

Step 3: Embed 360 images/Embed 360 videos to your own website.

Explore/Upload more interior design content here.

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