Night Night Turns Your Dreamland Into Nightmare

25 Oct , 2018 News VeeR VR

Night Night Turns Your Dreamland Into Nightmare

Night Night takes the audience back to the days of the youth when the night time stimulated the imagination of the scariest creatures from the thicket breaking through the window to steal them from the bed. But this time, the fear becomes real– a clown-filled nightmare beyond your closet. You won’t receive any response no matter how loud you yell because killer clowns are prowling around. What would you do next? Can you really escape away from the clown realm?



Watch the full version on VeeR VR with your Oculus Go, Oculus Rift or Gear VR.


Night Night was directed by Guy Shelmerdine, designed by Dark Corner in collaboration with Radiant Images, and MPC. Dark Corner, the award-winning horror studio based in Los Angeles, is renowned for creating thrilling and provocative VR experiences. The team explores the boundaries of horror cinema by placing audiences in the center of thrilling and terrifying scenarios.


The director, Shelmerdine, used work in comedy, was attracted by the ability of VR in horror storytelling. “For me a big part of horror is plunging the audience into a world that they might be nervous to enter into, and then feeding them the unexpected. With VR we have the good fortune of getting 100% of the viewer’s attention,” he said to Filmmaker Magazine. As it promised, Night Night is a thrilling VR horror experience with an unexpected ending.


While VR horror experiences have been the main VR content genre covered by many studios, Dark Corner found a way distinguishes them from competitors. “Our model is about providing a consistent stream of cinematic experiences that emphasize storytelling and suspense while remaining accessible and engaging for mainstream audiences,” said Teal Greyhavens, Head of Content for Dark Corner.


Ready to experience your childhood deepest fear? Night Night is now available on VeeR VR in TOP PAID at $1.99, download it directly from your Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Gear VR now for Dark Corner’s sense-stunning immersive experience!


How to find the premium content?

Open your VeeR VR Immersive, and click “Top Paid”. You will see the special-selected premium content.

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