Step into New Media Age: Vlogs in 360-degree

9 Oct , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Step into New Media Age: Vlogs in 360-degree

It’s been an honor witnessing more people trying out 360 Vlogs!

It’s becoming a new thing on the Internet, why? because as people often put it – it feels more real

1. You don’t miss a single angle, it’s 360!
2. Action and commentary perfectly in sync!
3. Freedom to look around/assume POV

VeeR has selected few of the independent Vloggers here. Each has his/her own unique content and style, presenting possibilities for this new form of storytelling. Don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t see your name on this list because more of them are coming! VeeR believes in experience sharing. If you dare to share, we dare to feature! Everything you need to know about 360 Vlogging is here, please check out and hope to see more interesting Vlogs!

Chris Saint
Kevin Kunze
Zen CaptureAll
Szidor N. Gabor
Kyra Kanojia
Lisa Stel
Josep Munoz
Brandon Maijala
Jordan Simons

Watch Me Climb a Glacier!!! 360 VR 4K  by Chris Saint

Here’s a 360 VR video of climbing Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, Montana. Always be aware of wildlife around you, take the risk of animal encounters seriously and try not to hike alone whenever possible.

8K 360° Vlog – Travel & VR | Episode 1 by Hugh/RaveTrainTV

8K 360° Vlog of Hugh/RaveTrainTV here, talking about travel, filming 360 videos, and life! Shot with Insta360 Pro 8K.

Walking on the SF Giants Field (360° 4K VR) by Kevin Kunze

Flying on board a Diamond DA40 in 360 degrees | VR video by Szidor N. Gábor

Check out his trip on board the very special Diamond DA40. Look around during take-off and landing and enjoy the flight as a third person with us! 😉

Travel Canada Coast to Coast in 4k 360 video for viewing in CardboardVR for Canada150 by Zen CaptureAll

To watch all the 360 Vlogs, click the playlist New Media Age – 360 Vlogs.

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