Madventure 360: Your Madventure Starts Here

26 Jan , 2018 Reviews VeeR VR

Madventure 360: Your Madventure Starts Here

In October 2017, Mijia camera’s manufacturer released the Madventure 360, its private-label new product targeting international markets.

The Madventure 360 has a brand new look with a fiery orange tint, easily making it one of the most recognizable 360 cameras on the market. It’s inherited Mijia’s skin-friendly and anti-slip casing.

The Madventure 360 has remained consistent with Mijia’s weight and dimensions, measuring at 2.65 in (6.7 cm) in length and 108 in weight. The camera’s flat design also makes it easy to carry around.

There are 3 buttons on the camera——a power button, a Wi-Fi button and a record button——all placed at the top, making operating the Madventure 360 pretty intuitive for beginners. The camera also comes with a selfie stick and a mini-tripod to help stabilize it.

Now let’s take a look at Madventure 360’s specs and features:


Lens Type

Dual 190-degree fish-eye lens, f2.0

Image Resolution



Video Resolution

3840*1920 @30fps(4K)

2304*1152 @60fps

2304*1152 @30fps

ISO Range


Shutter Speed


Exposure Modes

Programmed Auto

Aperture Priority Mode

Shutter Priority Mode

Manual Mode

Battery Capacity


Quick Charge


Battery Life

Up to 200 panoramic photos with full battery; when Wi-Fi is on, can record up to 75 minutes of high-resolution video; when Wi-Fi is off, can record up to 90 minutes of high-resolution video


Supports up to 128G Micro SD card


Android 5.0 and above

iOS 9.0 and above

Bonus Features

1. IP67 standard protection, dust-proof and water-proof

2. 6-axis stabilization

3. Bullet time

4. Invisible selfie-stick

Judging from the specs, the camera has a relatively large IOS range. This improves its performance under low-light settings, as seen below. The shutter speed range should support 360 time-lapse videos and long-exposure 360 photos.

The Madventure 360 sticks to the IP67 standard and has outstanding dust-proof features. It can also record for 30 minutes 1m underwater, but be careful if you intend to task it with heavy-duty underwater shooting. The waterproof camera can perfectly handle filming surfing and snorkeling experiences, nevertheless, so go explore all the new possibilities this camera presents!

The camera stands out among various consumer 360 cameras with 4K video resolution and 7K image resolution, which is more than enough for a lot of day-to-day usage. 

The Madventure 360 has two new eye-catching features, bullet time (120fps) and invisible selfie stick which hides your selfie stick automatically. We tested out that feature for you, and you can take a look for yourself here:

The 6-axis stabilization system is also very practical in reducing shakiness in your footage, whether you’re skiing, rowing a boat, or just walking around with the camera perched on top of a selfie stick.

The Madventure 360 has its own app with a cleaner UI and more streamlined controls. You can edit photos and videos with the app, or share to your social media. 

You can get the camera on Amazon for $309.99.

You can find some unboxing videos on YouTube for this product to help you decide if this is the right camera for you. We also did a shooting test (in 360 at that!), check it out now!

Some final words to sum up what we like about the Madventure 360: Its popping orange color, high resolutions, well-executed stabilization system and dust-proof/water-proof body. Go ahead, bring it to a shindig and be the life of the party!

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