MADV Mini: Best 360 Camera You Can Get for 90 USD

25 Jan , 2018 Reviews VeeR VR

MADV Mini: Best 360 Camera You Can Get for 90 USD

On December 28, 2017, MADV Technology crowdfunded MADV Mini on, a tiny portable 360 camera that retails for 599 RMB (~90 USD), which quickly appeared on the public radar.

Appearances & Design

The MADV Mini camera is the size of a watch face and coated with PU paint, leaving a fine, polished finish. The camera also comes with a silicone casing to protect the camera from scratching.

MadV Mini with the protective casing on

Dimensions & Weight

The MADV Mini has a name that perfectly matches the reality. It has a diameter of 35.5mm and a height of 25.2mm. The camera weights 23.5g, which takes up practically no room, perfect for people who pack lightly for their expeditions.

Port & Connectivity

One thing worth notice is that MADV Mini uses a Type-C interface and can connect easily with Android devices with Type-C ports. For Android devices using Micro-USB ports, however, you might have to use an adapter to connect.

The MADV Mini brings plug-and-play camera to a whole new level: Without having to connect to your camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can launch the MADV Mini mobile app and start using the camera as soon as it’s plugged in.


Lens Type

Dual 210-degree fish eye lens

Maximum Aperture


Image Resolution



Video Resolution

1920*960 @30fps

1280*640 @30fps

Battery Life

Relative to the battery life of the mobile device in use


Relative to the storage or SD card of the mobile device in use


Android 6.0 and later

Special Features

1. Time lapse and timer

2. Beauty camera

3. 360 livestream

The MADV Mini features two 13MP ultra wide-angle lenses with a maximum aperture of f1.8, able to take images at 5k resolution, which is more than enough for day-to-day use. Its built-in beauty filters also take your selfie game to the next level. The 360 livestream feature keeps your friends and family updated about your fun adventures through immersive real-time video broadcast.

MADV Mini App

The MADV Mini works with its namesake app, available for download at Google Play. The iOS version of this app hasn’t been released yet. Once the camera is connected to your phone, you can launch the MADV Mini app as displayed below to the left. Before shooting, you can configure basic camera settings as shown in the bottom right image.

There are five shooting modes to choose from: photo, video, time lapse, livestream and mini videos (15 seconds). 

You can live-stream on your YouTube channel or Sina Weibo if you’re logged in.


You have a range of handy controls at your fingertips as you take photos or videos, including exposure value (EV) and white balance (WB), as well as various filters.


Once’s you’ve finished snapping pictures or recording videos, the app offers four viewing modes: little planet, mirror ball, flat and fish-eye mode. All four modes allow you to save screenshots from a specific angle. With their eye-catching aesthetics, little planet and crystal ball photos have been the most popular choices for social media personalities.


You can find some simple editing features in the app for your video clips too such as zooming, cropping and trimming. The same four viewing modes work for videos as well.

It’s worth mentioning that you can set a timer for your MADV Mini and take some time to pose before taking a picture. To enjoy an immersive experience shot on your phone, you can switch on VR mode by selecting “Enable VR” and watch it with your VR goggles.


The MADV Mini is installed with an iCatch V35 chip for real-time stitching, reducing as much stitching time as possible. You can one-tap share your 360 panoramas or videos to VeeR, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, Snapchat and other social media. 


In summary, MADV Mini is a cost-effective, easy-to-operate and -carry 360 camera. Its 5K 360 functionality, decent color representation and beauty features, plus different viewing modes are ringing in a new era where 360 photography and videography become increasingly approachable.

To win one for free, check VeeR’s #2018 campaign.

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    1)I use Xiaomi Note 4x, its not support OTG, can i use madv360 on my phone ?
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