Little Planet Makes 360/VR Creation Much More Fun

6 Nov , 2018 News VeeR VR

Little Planet Makes 360/VR Creation Much More Fun

We are excited to announce our long-awaited new feature on VeeR Editor – Little Planet, which allows you to convert 360 photos into a sphere that looks like a miniature planet. This special effect is trending on Instagram, attracting people who have 360 cameras to create more innovative content. The distorted 360 photos enable the photographers and artists to approach the world with a totally new perspective.


Now, you can start creating Little Planet with VeeR Editor on iOS and Android mobile. Before you go, do you really know what the little planet is?


What is Little Planet?


the little planet is originated from an idea called stereographic projection. In geometry, the stereographic projection is a particular mapping that projects a sphere onto a plane. Because the sphere and the plane appear in many areas of mathematics and its applications, so does the stereographic projection, it is widely used in diverse fields including complex analysis, cartography, geology, and photography.


Little Planet-ifying 360 content with VeeR Editor


360/VR creators are usually forced to reframe 360 photos to 2D due to the lack of support on the panoramic content of the current social platforms. With VeeR Editor, you can not only edit your 360 photos directly on your fingertips but also add on some super cool effect and share it to your Facebook and Instagram directly with more fun.

VeeR allows you to present your little planet with different effects, including Roll Over, Solo Planet, Face-to-Face, Party Time and Rabbit Hole.


Little Planet:

Credit to William Tsui

Roll Over:

Credit to William Tsui

Solo Planet

Credit to Oleg Khot


Credit to Daniela Tocan


Party Time:

Credit to ImageworX

Rabbit hole:

Credit to Vadim Piottukh


Download VeeR Editor on your Android and IOS devices and start to create little planets, share with your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram with just one single click.


How to create your Little Planet?


Step 1: Open VeeR Editor, and click edit photo


Step 2: Click Save & Share

Step 3:  Choose a social media platform


Step 4: Choose the effect you like

Don’t forget to tag #letsveer and get a chance to be featured. We regularly check our feed and feature the best shots by reposting to thousands of our followers!

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