Kuula Alternative for 360 Photo Sharing

16 Mar , 2018 Others VeeR VR

Kuula Alternative for 360 Photo Sharing

You come to this page, so you’ve find the best Kuula alternative here. If you are a panoramic photographer, we provide you a great place to upload and share your work with the world; if you are just a VR enthusiast, you are presented with all kinds of amazing 360 images and virtual reality videos as well.

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360 Image Sharing Platform: VeeR v.s Kuula

VeeR VR is a global 360 content sharing platform focused on creating the largest hub of 360 virtual reality videos, photos and interactive content from around the world.  VeeR seeks to revolutionize the ways in which consumers engage with 360 content, whether it is through the VeeR Editor, allowing viewers to become creators by editing captured 360 content direct within mobile devices; VeeR App for discovering the newest and most diverse set of 360 VR immersive content and interacting with these content through hotspots.
Kuula is an online community for uploading, editing and sharing 360°/VR photos and images. We have developed a custom interactive photo viewer and a social platform around it. It is a responsive web based app built in HTML5/WebGL. Users can browse the photos using a mobile phone, a desktop computer or using a VR headset.

VeeR VR is a fast-growing 360/vr content sharing platform, focused on providing a all-in-one virtual reality community for both VR creators and lovers.
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