Combining VR with Music to Empower Girls

17 Jul , 2017 Behind The Scene Gab Liu

Combining VR with Music to Empower Girls

“I am a normal Swedish girl with a huge passion for making music”, said Josefine. “I want to make a difference with my music for young girls.” When Josefine and her producer/co-writer were brainstorming about music ideas, they came up with the concept for “Lotto”. It is a true girl power song that expresses a lot of self-confidence and freedom with sexuality. Josefine wants to encourage girls to be in control through her music. “Always follow your gut!” is the life motto of Josefine. She thinks it is very important to love who you are and not to take life seriously all the time.



In order to keep everything tight, the production team was rather small for a production of this size. The core team consisted a director, a producer, a project manager, Josefine’s manager, a 360-camera operator and a 360 editor. Besides these people there were also the styling team and actors.


Photo of Josefine (Photo by Josefine)


When you have a big production, you have to make plan Bs and understand that things might go wrong. “It was very hard to match up scenes like the ones when we transit between the first scene to the outside space, and then into the party scene”, said Josefine. “But thanks to working with a very skilled team, it all turned out fantastic in the end.”


Profile of Lotto Music Video (Photo by Josefine)


As you watch the video, you may feel that there is a mirror up in the ceiling. The “mirror” effect was applied in post-production to hide the rig. Josefine wanted to add the lyrics into the video since Lotto is such a wordy song. Therefore, 360 video serves as a great medium where people can watch a story and sing along with lyrics upfront, with the two functions not interfering with each other. “360 and VR is a new and exciting medium that will blow up people’s minds. “ Josefine wanted to challenge the norm of traditional music videos and make something new.

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