Jonathan Winbush: From Hollywood Blockbusters to Award-winning VR

26 May , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

Jonathan Winbush: From Hollywood Blockbusters to Award-winning VR

Jonathan Winbush is a Pittsburgh native, award-winning graphic designer and virtual reality artist with over a decade of experience working for high-profile film studios and TV networks, such as Warner Bros, Marvel, DC, Discovery Channel and the Oprah Winfrey Network. In 2012, he founded his own boutique, Winbush Design & Animation Studio, in Orange Country.

Since invited by Oculus to try out their hardware in early-stage development, Jonathan has been experimenting with VR. He joined forces with Tony Washington, a famed illustrator and music producer with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour under his belt. As a result of their combined efforts, the new album of Mix Master Mike, the resident DJ of the Beastie Boys, was brought to life.


Jonathan producing “Moonbase Invasion” with Cinema 4D using Cycles4d

“Magma Chamber” is a VR experience that combines comic-book elements and Mix Master Mike’s new LP released in 2016. The production pipeline incorporates the latest AMD hardware and multiple Mettle plugins including Skybox 360 Post FX2 from SkyBox Suite, and FreeForm Pro with Adobe software. It was instantly met with critical acclaim and has tallied multiple international VR awards. It was the winner of the 2017 VR FEST for Best Animated Virtual Reality Music Video, and also won the 2016 Vega Awards for Platinum in Most Innovative Experiment, as well as Gold for Best use of VFX / Motion Graphics.


Jonathan producing “Moonbase Invasion” with Mettle

Following the wild success of “Magma Chamber”, Jonathan and Tony were inspired to push the limits even further. Six months later, the magic duo returned with another VR-DJ experience, “Moonbase Invasion“, based off the second track in Mix Master Mike’s VR album. The ideation for “Moonbase Invasion” comes from a theory that the moon isn’t actually a planet but an alien satellite that used to keep tabs on Earth. While watching the video, the viewers would play an intra-lunar traveler whose entire exploration of the planet is observed by the alien drones. Among all the new experiments, what’s especially worth notice is that “Magma Chamber” was fully composed of locked-off shots, while to tailor to the dynamic experience a space travel necessitates, the camera is constantly mobilized to match the rhythm.


Jonathan’s latest work “Moonbase Invasion”

During his interview with VeeR, Jonathan expressed his wish for us to include a short acknowledgment of people he’s received help from during his VR career. Here to quote his own words: “Chris and Nancy of Mettle, Mix Master Mike and Dianne of Copeland Ent., Richard Callery of AMD, Eric Philpott of Adobe, Tony Washington, SubPac, Robert Buchanan, Chris and Gregg of VR Arcade, my family, and Mack Sennet Studios for allowing us to shoot on their stage.”


360-degree thumbnail of “Moonbase Invasion” 

For more detailed production workflow of “Magma Chamber”, click here for a presentation by Jonathan and Tony hosted by Mettle. More work from Jonathan Winbush please visit

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