ION 360 – A Phone Case, Battery and 360 Camera All in One

13 May , 2018 Reviews VeeR VR

ION 360 – A Phone Case, Battery and 360 Camera All in One

While we have done many reviews for 360 cameras, ION 360U still took us by surprise in terms of its multi-functionality. We didn’t know what to call it. Is it a phone case? an rechargeable battery? or a 360 camera? It combines all of these three functions in one product.

With that being said, ION 360U contains two parts — an attachable camera, and a rechargeable phone case that supports the camera.


ION360U Appearances & Design

ION360 has two color options – charcoal grey and teal. High-quality plastic is applied to the back of the lens as well as the battery case. It’s really pleasant to touch. As for now, the 360 camera is only compatible with Apple Iphone7 & 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus.


Specifications of the Camera

The ION360U’s basic specifications have no obvious advantages over other similar products at this price level. However, in real practice, the user experience exceeded our expectation.

Once the camera is attached to the battery case, ION360 mobile app will be launched automatically (if it is your first time using the camera, the page will skip to the App Store to guide users to download the app) which is quite convenient.

Another great thing about this camera is that you do not need a redundant SD card to store your work. This device auto stitches in real-time so no need to worry about additional waiting and editing. From this perspective, ION360 truly differentiates itself from other external cameras.

For the image quality, although the official website claims that stunning Ultra HD / 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) at 30fps allows for high-quality live streaming, videos, and photos. But in our test, the true video resolution is 3840 x 1920 pixels. The possible reason is the unfinished software update. It’s worth mentioning that although the deviation exists, the result is pretty good even in the dim-lit KTV.


                                      360 video shot by ION360

Another feature to notice is the loudspeaker attached on the phone case. When playing the video, the acoustical output is much better than that of phone itself, but the battery life will be shorter.


ION360 U App


The 360 camera works with the app under the same name with the basic functions of display, share and shoot.

Open the app, the first page is “My Content” where all of your photos and videos will be stored and GPS could help you to record the location.

Click what you want to watch, then you can enjoy your 360 work within the ION360 app. The share button allows you to save the contents to your phone or share your photos to 360 friendly social media, temporarily only Facebook.

Entering the shooting page, there are three modes to choose from: photo, video, and live stream on all 360 supported social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube. You have a range of handy controls at your fingertips as you take photos or videos, including exposure value (EV) and white balance (WB). Although the experience of using this device is smooth and easy, more functions are expected to realize some creative ideas.


ION360 Pros & Cons


  • The stitching and saving is seamless and fast;
  • The automatically connection between software and hardware;
  • No necessary to use SD card fast save to your phone;
  • Wireless charging technology



  • The whole device is a little heavy;
  • The 1260 mAh battery capacity is relatively low;
  • The connection is not very stable when you reopen the mobile app;
  • The image and video have the same resolution, which is disadvantage compared to similar products.

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