Introducing VeeR 2.0 – Create beyond boundaries

18 Apr , 2018 News VeeR VR

Introducing VeeR 2.0 – Create beyond boundaries

We are excited to introduce you the upgraded VeeR with a whole new logo, brand identity, and product experience. After a year of development, we have become one of the biggest 360/VR hub by both content and creator volume. With the trust and support from VR lovers all over the world, we took one step further and upgraded VeeR from VR video platform to multi-media content platform that supports all forms of VR content.

With this brand upgrade, all of our sites and apps now have a vibrant new look to empower your limitless creativity.

Why a brand upgrade?

VeeR is on the mission of empowering everyone to create and share VR content. With a growing need of making multi-media VR content, an easier way to create content, and a monetization option for VR creators, VeeR saw the urgency of redefining our brand to accommodate and better align with the need of our creators. And this is why we present you with VeeR 2.0.

Our New Logo – The Gateway that connects two world

In setting out to create a new VeeR logo, we want to capture the spirit of VeeR as a gateway for creators to access the virtual reality world, interact with the global creators, and showcase their work to the world.


VeeR Experience

To further improve VR creation experience, VeeR 2.0 launches the new feature of VeeR Experience, which enables creators to easily edit their 360 footage with interactive components to create interactive VR experience. Sign up here to be the first ones to try out this new feature. Build your own interactive space where your audience can navigate their ways with hotspots and give them the freedom of choosing where and how they want to explore your story.

Cross Platform Upgrade

VeeR has updated its products through all channels including website, mobile app, and major VR platforms such as Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, etc. Your user account can now be synced across all platforms, and product features have been further upgraded and optimized. You can watch and enjoy content uploaded on mobile phones or web directly, view your account information, info of your favorite creators, and interact with them via VR headsets.

The upgrade features include: Seamless viewing experience. Users can directly search, view, and operate while watching VR content. There is no need to exit the video/photo so the viewing experience is more smooth; VR social functions are updated so that users can directly interact with their favorite creators; other feature updates include VR content download management and support for watching multimedia VR videos and photos.

Who is Vee?

We asked ourselves and our creators: “If VeeR were a person, how would you describe them?” And we came up with these four brand attributes that determine who VeeR.



VeeR empowers VR creators do what they love and enjoy the most at every step.



VR content creation is beyond the set format, and VeeR is here to make it happen.



VR creation is not something ordinary, it is out of box and creative.



VeeR loves the fun and delightful moments that make us smile!


The new VeeR is building an end-to-end experience for our VR creators around the globe, from content creation to distribution, and from community engagement to content monetization. With the brand upgrade, we will continue to strive our best to provide the best 360 community for all VR lovers around the world.

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6 Responses

  1. Marco Romero says:

    Amazing upgrade!
    Thank you very much for your contribution to all content developers.

  2. Dan says:

    Some incredible work has gone into this … can’t wait to explore some of the new features and incorporate them into my Veer Channel!!

  3. Philip says:

    Just joined and look forward to uploading photos, tours, and videos.

  4. That’s fantastic!
    When will monetization be made available?

  5. Manjiri says:

    This is an amazing and very useful feature. I tried with my 360 photos.
    Is it possible to change font and color for the hotspots and the cards?

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