Insta360 ONE Review: Your Best Chance of Ruling Over Social Media

21 Oct , 2017 Reviews VeeR VR

Insta360 ONE Review: Your Best Chance of Ruling Over Social Media

Following the steps of Facebook and YouTube in supporting panoramas, Weibo recently launched support for 360 photos and 360 streaming. At this pivotal juncture, Insta360 dropped its new camera, the ONE many have been hankering after.

Compared to other consumer 360 cameras, Insta360 ONE goes 11 on fanciness, featuring bullet time, FreeCapture, little planet mode, beauty camera, etc, each a staple for viral 360 posts.


Bullet Time

Remember how Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in the Matrix? That’s bullet time, a special effect when you slow down high-fps footage. With this function, Insta360 ONE supports a resolution of 2048*512 at 120fps, which can be boosted by the Insta360 ONE app to 240fps.

The feature is not exclusively proprietary to ONE, but ONE perfected it to match with a specialized selfie stick.

To activate Bullet Time, press the power button three times consecutively when the camera is on. For basic shooting, you can tie up ONE with the selfie stick, or McGyver a lasso connected to ONE. Choose a place with sufficient lighting and swirl the camera above your head in a circle parallel to the ground. Note: Keep your camera’s traveling speed consistent at around 1 sec per circle.


Check out this demo on Insta360 ONE’s official website:


Appearance & Design

Insta360’s consumer product line has stood by the plug-n-play principle, and ONE is no exception. Pull at the latch on the side of the camera, and the built-in Lightning port will pop out, which can be plugged in iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices right away (support for Android is on the way).

Insta360 ONE comes in a sheath for protecting the camera lens, that can also be repurposed as a prop for the camera on flat surfaces.

Insta360 ONE


ONE is on par with other 360 cameras within the same price range, but its outstanding data transfer speed ensures a lag-less monitoring process. The camera also masks out your phone/selfie stick automatically, forming an intuitive workflow.


Insta360 ONE Specs


Battery Life

ONE’s battery has a capacity of 820mAh, which allows you to shoot for 70 minutes consecutively. It doesn’t drain any power from your phone, and can charge easily with a portable charger.



ONE is not waterproof yet, but Insta360 has already developed a soon-to-release waterproof housing that can go as deep as 30m below sea level. Also due to not being waterproof for the moment, ONE has decent temperature control and doesn’t overheat during shooting.


Image/Video Resolution and Stabilization

With its two 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensors, ONE supports up to 4K at 30fps for videos, and 6K for images. With meager lighting, however, ONE’s performance on noise reduction is relatively mediocre.



Manual Mode

ONE can switch between Manual Mode, ISO Priority and Shutter Priority. You can tweak ISO between 100-3200, shutter speed between 2s-1/4000s, and white balance. The Manual Mode will help photographers take panoramas with less noise, especially at night or places with complex lighting.


Raw Photo and Log Video

ONE’s raw image format is .dng, which comes out in the form of two top-down spherical components; though it can be opened with Photoshop and Lightroom, we recommend that you stitch the images in Insta360 ONE’s app before processing them with other software.

Log is a video recording method. When the Log modes are activated, the image becomes flat and desaturated, as a special way of capturing that maximizes the tonal range of a sensor. Premiere Pro and Da Vinci both have Log color correction; you can also install plugins in Final Cut Pro X and Vegas Pro for precise log video correction.


Beauty Camera and Filters

Accounting for its female users, Insta360 ONE offers beauty camera for photos, videos and live-streaming; you can also preview your looks during a shoot.



Multimedia Output

Currently, many social media platforms fail to support panoramic photos and videos, making displaying 360 content a major discussion among camera manufacturers. Insta360 ONE has made constructive explorations on this topic: Besides supporting fisheye, equirectangular and little planet modes, you can also export your panoramas into videos according to various different preset templates.




Insta360 ONE is a great solution for sharing 360 content. It has controls to match professional production demands, and cool features that will be guaranteed new favorites for people invested in the internet scene.

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Insta360 ONE is currently available on the official Insta360 store, VeeR Store and Amazon for 299 USD. Use this currency converter to find out how much it is in your currency.

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