#Iam proud of Y’all

2 Jul , 2017 Contest VeeR VR

#Iam proud of Y’all

From June 8th to July 1st, VeeR VR invited our creators to share their inspirations in life: the place they associate themselves with the most, the moment they fall in love, the story that changed them. From all the videos that were tagged with #Iam, we chose five videos that would thrill everyone who watches them.


  1. #IAm a Fun Man, Really

by Fung Fun Man

Fung Fun Man is an instructor at National University of Singapore. In this #Iam video, he did an experiment with his assistants. Fung Fun Man used stickers, arrows and all kind of post-production effects to tell you where to look at.



  1. Observing The Cycle Of Life _QG3D 360VR #Iam


QG3D makes a virtual tour of a 3D sculpture of a whale family, where the mother breastfeeds her child. QG3D wants to share this loving moment with everyone.


  1. Finally, A Hotel as Weird as You: Lightning in a Bottle’s Lightning Inn 2017

By Hugh/RaveTrainTV

How did you spend your weekend? How about going to the Lightening Inn for some interactive experience? Hugh went there with his friends and he described it as “a little weird but a lot of fun”.


  1. My Job as a Sterile Processing Technician

By Brandon Maijala

What do sterile processing technicians do everyday? What’s their daily routine? Brandon Maijala shows us every corner of his workplace in his #Iam video.


  1. #IAm – Eli Culbertson

By Eli Culbertson

Eli invites you to his place. Relax, sit down on the coach and watch Billy’s #Iam show tonight. Wisconsin native Eli will introduce himself to you.

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