How to Shoot, Edit, and Share VR Videos from your Phone

2 Jan , 2018 Academy Mark Metry

How to Shoot, Edit, and Share VR Videos from your Phone

One of the most important aspects for selling a product to a consumer is convenience and simplicity. The average person won’t attempt to record a 360 video if it requires 6 cameras, advanced video editing software, and lots of time.


Smartphones like the iPhone make our lives much more convenient. The need for a physical camera is no longer needed. Virtual reality (VR) industry is making it easier to shoot footage on your own and upload it online all on your phone.


Thankfully, the days of clunky 360 video recording are over. Users no longer are required to use a powerful computer, expensive editing software, camera rig, and best of all, no more video frame stitching.

1. Recording 360 Video

Unfortunately, the latest iPhones don’t come with a built in 360 camera, but other advancements like Facebook’s 360 photo feature are circumventing this issue for pictures.

However, several companies in the virtual reality space are dedicated to bringing mobile 360 cameras to your smartphone. The VR industry is just getting started, i assure you more cameras will most likely be produced by competing businesses.

You will need a mobile 360 camera compatible with your phone. 


3040 x 1520 @ 30fps Resolution

360° x 360° Dual Fisheye Lenses

Insta360 Nano

Battery-Free 360 Camera for iPhone

The powerful little 360° camera that shoots larger-than-life video.

2. 360 Editing Software

Now that you have your camera and have recorded your footage it is time to edit before publishing. You shouldn’t upload a raw 360 video because it doesn’t have any cuts or edits for a polished video.

No need to go crazy with the video effects since you already have something special to watch.

VeeR Editor is the most easy-to-use FREE 360 video editor for your iPhone or Android device. Simply upload your footage from the cloud or record directly with a  360 camera and share everywhere on the go.

You can choose from VeeR’s wide selection of features like stickers, texts, Instagram-like filters and hundreds of free soundtracks.

  • Add Animated Stickers 
  • Filters like Autumn, Lomo, and Vintage
  • Built-in Soundtracks or Import Music
  • Select and trim videos
  • Speed or Slow down Videos
  • Change the Orientation
  • Add Smooth Transitions
  • Add Text Anywhere 

Switch between 360 and VR mode to view your edits and effects in real time. Veer’s Editor is perfect for the next generation of creators without substantial resources to afford expensive computers and cameras. 

Download the VeeR Editor on the iOS or Google Play Stores Today. 

3. Upload and Share your Masterpiece

Luckily, VeeR’s editor offers a one click share feature to publish your 360 photo or video.

You can share your creation to the world via VeeR’s Global VR Content Library OR share to Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platforms compatible with 360-degree video.

Veer Mobile

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Mark Metry is the Founder of VU Dream, an agency dedicated to helping virtual and augmented reality startups market their innovative products into reality.

Mark is also the Host of the Humans 2.0 podcast, a top charts iTunes podcast that features talented and impactful people in the new 21st century world. Mark has been featured in publications like the Huffington Post and VRScout.

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