How to Shoot 360 Photography (Easy & Pro Way)

31 Oct , 2017 Academy VeeR VR

How to Shoot 360 Photography (Easy & Pro Way)

Suddenly, you find people around you are posting interactive 360-degree panoramas instead of the flat 2D photos on Facebook, Twitter; when you use Google Street View, 360 photos are popping up more and more. Do you want to join and share your 360 view world with your friends? Do you have any ideas how the 360 photos are shot? In this article, we will introduce some tips for shooting 360 photography, then you can upload your great works to VeeR 360 photo, sharing with VR lovers around the world.

How to shoot 360 photo with your smartphone

facebook 360 to shoot 360 photos

credit: Facebook 360

Facebook app: to shoot 360 photos with phone

Now Facebook lets you shoot 360-degree photos inside its app, both the Android and iOS versions. It means if you have a Facebook app in your phone, you can create 360-degree photos without requiring a third-party app or panorama camera. Open the app, scroll to the top of the News Feed and click the “360 Photo” button, then slowly spin around for a full turn, all while keeping the graphic centered in the middle. After it’s finished, you can pick the “starting point” for the photo and publish it to your timeline. It can also be set as your cover photo.

street view app 360 photo

credit to street view

Street View App: to become a trusted Google Street View Photographer

Many people speak highly of Street View app, and it’s somewhat alike Facebook app taking 360 photo. Open the app, move your phone around and guide the circle over the orange dots until the image has been captured. You may have to repeat this about 20 or so times until entire surrounding can be photographed. Then confirm and it will start stitching the image together.

In addition, there are some other 360 photo apps you can use. See, it’s quite easy for you to take a 360 photo with your smartphone.


How to Shoot Amazing Pictures with a 360-Degree Camera

As mentioned above, we can use 360 photo apps to take photo spheres, while that is a little time-consuming, for you have to repeat several times to take all the sub-photos for stitching as one. So we’d provide another way, easy and quick, with the professional panorama camera.

Many 360 camera brands are available and VeeR has cooperated with some 360 cameras, to provide VR lovers with great immersive virtual reality experience.

360 camera_brand

You can click to find more information about VeeR Cooperation 360 cameras

To get one panorama camera, and download its app. Find a good view or whatever you like, tab and shoot, then the 360 camera app will automatically stitch and you can save it in your cell phone. Then share them to panorama photo platforms or your social media. Easy and quick. But if you want to capture some perfect 360, however, is not as simple as just hitting the shutter button. More tools and tips are needed: Use a Timer, a tripod, pick the right height, stay still, finally professional 360 photo stitching software should be used for the perfect quality.

Another post will show you how to upload or embed 360 photos in your blogger; by the way, VeeR VR, a leading 360/VR content platform, has recently launched new feature 360 Photo(beta), if you have great panorama photos and want to share with more people, join us and you may have the opportunity to be featured on the top banner! Continually keep an eye on VeeR VR blog, to get more wonderful virtual reality info about 360 photography and VR videos.

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