How to share and embed VR content with VeeR

28 Jul , 2018 News VeeR VR

How to share and embed VR content with VeeR

Focus on building the best community for all 360/VR lovers, VeeR has always been a strong believer of sharing. Now that we are supporting 360° photos, videos and interactive experience. You could easily share these VR content on any social media as well as embedding them into your own site or blog. These multi-media content will offer your audience a whole new viewing experience, giving them the freedom of choosing where and how they want to look. In this article, we will show you exactly how to share and embed a 360° photo step by step.

Sharing any 360 degree content from VeeR on social network 

1. Go on  and click on the share button right below the 360 photo you would like to share.

2. Simply click on the social network you want to share at


3. Ta-dah! It’s here! Move your mouse around to check out the full panoramic photo!

Embedding a 360 photo/video or interactive experience in your own site or blog

Instead of clicking on a specific social network, simply copy the embed link to your website or the content management source you are using for your site or blog. 

Now let’s see how it looks at:

The same goes for embedding interactive experience. Click share button on the bottom right and simply copy the embed link to your website or the content management source you are using for your site or blog.
Now let’s take a look of how it looks like:

 Simple as that! With just one line of code, your virtual tour can be embedded on any site. VeeR supports an algorithm that pushes your work to the most interested audiences for maximum exposure, and potentially helps you monetize in the most efficient way.
Other 360 degree photo related tips:

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5 Responses

  1. John Barkley says:

    How would one embed an image or video without losing the device orientation functionality?

  2. Manjiri says:

    I tried embedding the link mentioned by you in the article. I am using Godaddy for my website. I added HTML code in my page. It is showing 360 rotating earth but it is not showing 360-degree photo.

  3. Brian says:

    I embeded the code from my videos on a few different websites that I have and all that shows is a black screen. When I view the interactive tours on my mobile devices they either never load, or on a different device it loads but none of the hotspots work. Very frustrating!

  4. Ulisses Cruz says:

    I’m just got a black screen too.
    Some feedback would be good.

  5. Mario says:

    I tried embedding from Veer and quality of photos is amazing, much better than from other sites. However, when I move the mouse arrow over the panorama it automatically jumps to downward look at the ground. It seems confusing for the viewer, Is there anything we can do to prevent that?

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