How to share and embed 360 photo with VeeR

1 Nov , 2017 News Nuoya Li

How to share and embed 360 photo with VeeR

Focus on building the best community for all 360/VR lovers, VeeR has always been a strong believer of sharing. Now that we are supporting 360° photos, you could share these 360° photo on any social media as well as embedding them into your own site or blog. These 360 degree images will offer your audience a whole new viewing experience, giving them the freedom of choosing where and how they want to look. In this article, we will show you exactly how to share and embed a 360° photo step by step.


Sharing a 360° photo on social network 

1. Go on  and click on the share button right below the 360 photo you would like to share.

2. Simply click on the social network you want to share at


3. Ta-dah! It’s here! Move your mouse around to check out the full panoramic photo!


Embedding a 360 photo in your own site or blog

Instead of clicking on a specific social network, simply copy the embed link to your website or the content management source you are using for your site or blog. 

Now let’s see how it looks at:

Other 360 degree photo related tips:

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