How to insert live sticker to your 360˚ video

4 May , 2018 Academy,Contest,Others VeeR VR

How to insert live sticker to your 360˚ video

Some participants find #MyVeelog is more challenging than the other campaigns on VeeR before, because we require them to add live sticker of Vee in their entries. 

Here, we’d like to provide some guidance on how to add Vee sticker through different tools. 

VeeR Editor (Difficulty level: ⭐️)

Vee’s live stickers have already been updated in VeeR Editor. If you can’t find it, please clear the cache in settings.

The easiest way to join this challenge is to make slideshow. Importing 360 photo through video tab, your photo will actually becomes a 5 sec short video. The next step is to add stickers fit in your story and it’s done!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC‎ (Difficulty level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This is a more advanced method for people who are used to edit their footage on laptop. Here is the link you could download Vee’s gif. 

Step 1: Open the gif. by Photoshop and export it to mov. file. The sticker will be looked like this one with black background;

Step 2: Open Premiere and create new sequence with your fooatge (set VR Properties first to enable to best editing effect); 

Step 3: Use Eyedropper tool and pick black as Key Color to remove it from the background of your sticker (use Edge Thin and Edge Feather to perfect the lines);


Step4: To make your sticker more immersive in 360/VR video, you could use the VR Plane to Sphere feature under the effect tab. This could prevent your sticker from distortion in the VR/360 video.


Step 5 (Optional): Set Keyframe of the sticker to add more animation effect as the example video.

Additionally, some of the creators have provided their 3D recreation version of Vee for free. You could simply download the model through following links and use it in your content to get rid of the step 1,3&4. 

Feel free to join VeeR VR Creator Community on Facebook for more discussion 🙂

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