How To Create 360° Renderings Using 3DS MAX for VR

4 Dec , 2017 Academy Dawei Chen

How To Create 360° Renderings Using 3DS MAX for VR

After you’ve built your design in 3DS MAX(Autodesk), you are only a few steps away to create a 360° panorama! If you are an absolute beginner to 3DS MAX, you can find many basic creator guides to your subject of interests online, and Autodesk’s made a basic official guide here.

The following steps are distilled from an official guide by Autodesk, you can also skip to the video at the end of this article.

Step One: set the virtual camera at a desired (central) position

      • the camera height is advised to be at eye level for viewer’s comfort
      • point the camera to the most interesting view


set up camera position

Step Two:  configure your render setup

      • 2 : 1 (Width : Height) Ratio
      • For a reasonable quality, make sure it’s at least 6000:3000 resolution (VeeR currently supports up to 8K, which will be upgraded to 16K in early 2018)

configure render set up

Step Three: render (higher the resolution, longer the rending time)


You can upload your work to VeeR.TV to view on Web, Mobile App, or with a VR goggle setup.

Here is the complete video on this matter:

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