Here comes Must-sees of November!

16 Nov , 2017 Contest VeeR VR

Here comes Must-sees of November!

Hello VeeRians! We’re here to take you on the exciting adventure of November.

Immerse yourself in epic tank battles;

Go on an excursion in the Solar System;

Take a walk in the beautiful surreal forest;

Ride a roller-coaster with aliens in the space;

Have a meaningful dinner with Bill Gates in Africa.

Life has so much to offer, and VeeR is here to make sure you don’t miss any.


How does VeeR VR pick out “Must-Sees of November” videos?

“Must-Sees of November” are all selected from ORIGINAL videos uploaded from October 1st to November 1st. We have sorted all these videos based on their total likes within 31 days since uploading, and recommend the Top 30 to VeeRians.

How to support the videos I love, and help them get into next month’s “Must-Sees”?

Invite your friends to watch and like it!


  1. The Dream Collector by PintaStudios

6. Alien Roller Coaster In Space by VR360TV

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