Four Steps to Make A 360° VR Video

17 Aug , 2017 Academy VeeR VR

Four Steps to Make A 360° VR Video

Expect for gaming, video is also the main application for virtual reality technology. Many people have watched VR videos via headsets, then do you have any idea how VR video is created? Though it might not be that easy to make as 2D videos, the 360° video is not so difficult, four steps one by one show you how to make a VR video.

1. Choose a right Panoramic Camera

VR video is a 360-degree shooting, so you need a four-way or all-around camera, equipped with multi-directional cameras, such as Google YI JUMP VR camera, Jaunt ONE VR camera, Nokia OZO panoramic camera, etc. As the camera lens is fixed focus, no traditional movie close-up and step shift, so be sure to set the camera’s mobile trajectory in advance, which is to decide whether good quality VR video can be created.

2. Pick your VR content and prepare a shooting environment

If you want to make a great VR video, the content is very important. Be clear about what you want to share with people, then provide a more realistic shooting environment. For its 360 degree shooting, so be sure no appearance of people or things that have nothing to do with the video, even the director should be away from the shooting scene or appropriate camouflage should be done lest mistakes happen. Of course, not all of the closed environment are suitable for shooting VR video, only those that give VR users a great sense of immersion will show the wonderfulness of VR video, such as “Star Wars” and “Pirates of the dream space”, this kind of movie backgrounds are very suitable for VR video capture.

3. VR video stitching and post-production

As the VR video production stitching will affect the watching feel, so do some rehearsals before shooting. And remember to set up some scenes to guide the interaction or add the subtitles, correctly guide the audience to follow up the plot development, given that people are likely to find scenes in the virtual reality video.

4. Find platform to upload your 360 video

More social media outlets, like YouTube, Facebook, are supporting 360 video, and make them a top choice of creator uploading their works. Besides, there are also platforms especially for VR videos. VeeR VR is now growing to be one of the largest vr video community for global vr creators. We also provide tutorials, VR editor, heatmap to help them to be greater.

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