Facebook Live Launches 4K 360 Video Streaming for Better VR Experiences

26 Jul , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Facebook Live Launches 4K 360 Video Streaming for Better VR Experiences

Today Facebook has announced the launch of 4K resolution for live 360-degree video streams, meaning we can soon enjoy more immersive VR live streams via the Facebook 360 app for Gear VR. The new updates not only include the live 4k support for VR headset, image stability and many other functions to be more compliant with

Facebook standard streaming media video service. In addition, Facebook has released a list of 360-degree cameras and software suites, so the content creators can fully understand whether their works are in line with Facebook’s standard.


Samsung Gear-VR

For Gear VR users, Facebook’s 360-degree streaming service is enjoying its priority, no matter live or replay, now you can have up to 4K resolution 360 video available to Facebook 360 applications program of Gear VR. As part of this update, Facebook is also bringing its Donate Button and Scheduled Live features over to its live 360 video service, in the hopes of driving 360 video viewership while helping out non-profits. It is not clear when Facebook Spaces will support 360-degree images and live video, let’s wait and see.

Facebook Live 360 Streams

Facebook Live 360 Streams

Also Facebook announced its supporting 360 cameras and software with the logo of “Live 360 Ready”, the company said the cameras’ application or experience can make you visit friends and followers natural reflection and interact with them through the comment function. Followings are the suited cameras and software.


Giroptic iO($249)
Insta360 Nano($199)
Insta360 Air($129)
Insta360 Pro($3499)
ION360 U($249)
Nokia Ozo Orah 4i($3595)
Z CAM S1($2499)
360fly 4K Pro($499)

Assimilate SCRATCH VR
Groovy Gecko
Livescale 360
Z CAM WonderLive

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