Experiment 360/VR Lightpainting with Mafu Fuma

29 Jan , 2018 Behind The Scene Dawei Chen

Experiment 360/VR Lightpainting with Mafu Fuma

Mafu Fuma is a Berlin-based 360° light-painter, an emerging art form that very few could call themselves experts. Here Mafu earnestly shares with us his stories as well as insights on 360/VR art.

In June 2017, Fuma went on a Family trip to Russia and met another photographer who loves to visit lost places and capture them in 360°. Fuma likes to visit lost places as well, but he had only done Lightpainting with a regular camera. Feeling inspired, after coming back from holiday Fuma went ahead and got a Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera and started light painting experiments in his Studio in Berlin.


Turbulent Cosmos

Turbulent Cosmos, by Mafu Fuma


The Arena, by Mafu Fuma


After his son was born 4 Years ago, Fuma rediscovered a passion for photography. He started taking pictures of his son, but more and more, he went out in the night to do some long exposure shots of Berlin. He had often some interesting results by coincidence, because some unexpected objects with lights crossed the picture during the long exposure. “This brought me to the Idea to create some Light streaks on purpose. I started playing around with any kind of light source and tried different movements and was quite stoked by the results. Since then I am a passionated Lightpainter.” Said Fuma.


United in Light, by Mafu Fuma


Mafu also discovered a “rotation technique” because of his experience with sushi. “I love rotation! I discovered it with a rotatable sushi plate and a candle-stand. I just put the Candlestand, with burning candles, on the Sushi plate and started rotating during a long exposure in total darkness. The result was a nice vase created out of fire.” So Mafu started engineering different methods for spinning lights. Even now, most of his Lightpainting concepts contain something with rotation. “This gives me total new opportunities. All styles I’ve learned or developed, I can apply now to 360°/VR and I am still quite impressed by the final result after putting the VR Glasses on. Finally, I can paint a whole world of Lightpainting that people can enter visually by themselves.

In September 2017, Mafu organized a Lightpainter Meetup in Berlin called “Lightpainters United”. More than 20 international Artist from all around the globe came to join the party. Together they celebrated for 3 days and 3 nights. Mafu created many 360°/VR Lightpainting Photos with people he’d long admired. “I’m looking very forward to see them all again for further projects, doesn’t matter on which side of the globe.”


360 Freestyle

360 Freestyle, by Mafu Fuma

Mafu sees a lot of potential in 360°/VR Lightpainting. “At the moment the exposure duration of most of the Brands on the market do not exceed 60 Seconds and if you use the full 60 Seconds it gets noisy as hell. So If the sensors would get better, with longer exposure possibilities and less noise, I would have more time for more complex concepts. That would be great! I love to create with people together and one good thing about 360°/VR Lightpainting is, that different participants can do their performance at the same time in another section and in the end, you have one big picture.



Clubbing, by Mafu Fuma


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