Enjoy Ultra HD 4K 360/VR Videos

2 Nov , 2018 News VeeR VR

Enjoy Ultra HD 4K 360/VR Videos

We know your frustrations when you were watching a thrilling and highly emotional 360/VR videos and experienced a loss of quality in a sudden. That’s the worst thing when you get into the character’s world, especially in a highly immersive environment. So we engineered VeeR with one important goal in mind: make your VR videos look in the best quality. Now it can be possible to stream high-quality VR videos in congested network environments in a faster and virtuous way. We are excited to announce that we fully support ultra 4K HD VR videos anytime anywhere once you visit VeeR.


What did we do?


VeeR has been always supporting video content up to 4K, but with the new compression technology, we allows you to enjoy the Ultra HD 4K content when you first landed in the VeeR world. Faster streaming speed, and better watching experiences.


What are the benefits?


The obvious high-level benefits of compression are less bitrate for transmission and less storage required to keep video files. The streaming speed improves 40%, which means you’ll experience low latency while you enjoy our 360/VR videos. The improvement of streaming speed enables better video resolutions, which you can get a better understanding from below


Before (1080P):


After (4K):


Fully supporting Ultra HD 4K VR videos is exciting for VeeRians. What’s more cheerful is that VeeR was featured by Oculus Rift.

We prepare lots of high quality, ultra 4K HD 360/VR videos and photos. Download VeeR VR Immersive on your Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and Google Daydream to experience the premium 360/VR contents. Hope you all enjoy our content. Cheers!


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