Elysian Studios: Virtual Reality Can Create A Heaven In Our World

9 Jun , 2017 Behind The Scene Gab Liu

Elysian Studios: Virtual Reality Can Create A Heaven In Our World


“‘Elysian’ means divinely inspired. We believe in doing what we love in the highest form taking inspiration from the Universe.”  Coming from India, the land of spirituality, Elysian Studios loves to explore the possibilities that this Universe opens. “Anyone who has passion with some form of luck is destined to achieve what they want, and there is nothing in this Universes that can stop them”, says Arvind Ghorwal, founder of Elysian Studios. Indeed, Elysian Studios is wholeheartedly doing what they love and paying respect to the world around us that perfectly illustrates their motto.


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Arvind Ghorwal first explored filmmaking in IIT-Bombay. To pursue the visual language of films and images further, he joined Housing and set up their Imagery and Aerial teams from scratch. While there, he was exposed to VR. His intrigue for this new medium, combined with his passion for filmmaking, motivated Arvind to set off on an entrepreneurial journey with Elysian Studios. To make the studio more professional, he soon invited others from Housing to form an experienced team.


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“We are in an infinite space, that we know absolutely nothing about….The only way to go beyond our physical limits and touch the limitless possibilities is spirituality, which takes us to the unlimited Universe.” Through their productions, Elysian Studios takes their audience to explore side-by-side with them via VR. They have experienced a lot of content within frames, which has taken them away from the real-life experience that is in spheres. “Frames were created because of the technological limits, but VR breaks that barrier and helps us preserve and create real life experiences that we want to share with our family and friends”,  says Arvind.


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Their film––Kumbh Mela VR, is a Virtual Reality documentary on the Kumbh Mela, one of the largest spiritual gatherings on Earth. The VR documentary makes you the protagonist and takes you on a journey of a seeker, where viewers experience the Kumbh Mela and come close to realizing the Truth.



For Elysian Studios, everything right from the start to end is full of fun. But the most joy comes from the production part of it. “We first need to experience it ourselves before we preserve those moments in VR for our audiences. Thus, gaining the real-life experience and then molding it for the millions of other people seems to be most interesting.”




Elysian Studios believe in creating life-enhancing experiences and taking these experiences to people around the world. “VR is about capturing and preserving the most important moments of your life and then sharing it with all your closed-ones. “ Besides film production, Elysian studios also developed a new branch of wedding service called VivaahVR, which means marriage in Sanskrit. They hope to help couples preserve these memories in VR, making sure they are able to relive their wedding, anytime, anywhere.

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