Different 360 Experience in VR Wedding Ceremony

22 Sep , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Different 360 Experience in VR Wedding Ceremony

Wedding, the big thing of one’s life, is becoming a high-tech affair. Rather than recording as a 2D video, now wedding can be captured in full 360°and immersive 3D video. No matter how time changes, you’ll always be able to travel back, to be immersed in your wedding ceremony, so will your children. Happy moments seem to be fixed there and you can always be there. Do you have the idea of holding a wedding recorded by VR cameras? Let’s find out some countries’ virtual reality wedding videos on VeeR.

Holly and Christopher Wedding Day

A 360° Video of The wedding of Holly and Christopher by Big Day Movies

Caitlin and Matt Wedding Day 360 Video

Bruna and Diego in a 360° Wedding

Beautiful English Wedding

Mullah Wedding in India

Happy memories can be captured through virtual reality videos, you can also shoot 360 videos and upload to our platform, join us to be a VR creator!


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  1. Joen Cheng says:

    VR Wedding is definitely the next big thing. We’ve teamed up with Hong Kong beauty influencer Cherrie Tam and filmed her Princess Fairytail wedding: https://veer.tv/videos/the-dream-wedding-cherrie-gordon-有一個美好既回憶-87926

    Follow us on VEER VR: https://veer.tv/me/VertexVR

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