Daniel the 360 Guy——360 Cameras Rule!

20 Oct , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

Daniel the 360 Guy——360 Cameras Rule!


The first 360 video Daniel watched was a Star Wars movie trailer. Impressed with its production quality, he started investigating how virtual reality videos were made and discovered several affordable 360 cameras. He bought his first one soon after and fell in love with the medium.

Being tech-savvy, Daniel quickly noticed that no one was really talking about this new technology, considering there were very few products available in the market. He wanted to spread the word to help more learn about the great potential in 360 media by posting 360 camera reviews.



Daniel’s website featured high-end 360 tours, which he explains were out of the idea of taking the viewer to a place they’ve never been before and make them feel as close to actually being there as possible. He believes that as the technology advances, more people will use 360 tours to decide where to travel.


The challenge when using 360 cameras is that they require a completely different way of working than normal cameras. You need to think about the entire environment around you, rather than just where your lens is pointing. The solution is to go out to the most interesting places you can think of and practice, practice, practice!

——The 360 Guy


As an owner of more than 10 360 cameras, Daniel favors his Garmin VIRB 360 for its high resolution, and Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere because it’s small and easy to use. “Any topic that is visual in nature is perfectly suited for a VR experience,” he comments. Besides the obvious topics that many are dabbling in, such as tourism, real estate and events, Daniel is particularly interested in utilizing VR for the elderly or disabled, to allow them to experience things that would otherwise be impossible for them. He also thinks that VR will become an important tool in news reporting, allowing people to experience world events like never before.


The 360 Guy's 360 camera collection

A peek into Daniel’s 360 camera collection


“The future of VR is bright, but it’s going to take a while to get there,” Daniel expressed his hopes and concerns for the technology. “At the moment, viewing VR is too expensive, but the prices are coming down which is a good sign. I’m impressed at how fast 360 cameras are improving, but until we have an affordable 360 camera that can shoot 8K resolution, quality is going to be an issue.” As for his plans for his own VR career, Daniel tells us that he’d eventually like to take his 360 cameras around the world and document unique and interesting places in 360 degrees.


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