Czech out horror films in VR!

24 Jun , 2017 Behind The Scene Gab Liu

Czech out horror films in VR!

The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (AAAD) is a public university located in Prague, Czech Republic. Students from their Design & Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio have produced popular short horror films that VeeRians love them so much! While reading this interview, don’t forget to CZECH OUT their works as well:)


VeeR: Please tell us something about Academy of Arts, Architecture & Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio.

GDVC Studio: Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (AAAD) in Prague was founded in 1885. It currently consists of twenty-four studios which are grouped within five departments: architecture, design, fine art, applied arts and graphics. The six department provides lectures on art history and aesthetics. Students mainly work and discuss their projects with one or two leaders of the studio they are studying at during their time here.


Logo of AAAD (Photo by AAAD)


In Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio (GDVC), we believe that it is no longer enough to confront students just with opinions of authorities. Therefore, we came up with a concept of hosting teachers, who form the backbone of the education process in GDVC. A hosting teacher is a specialist in the field related to their semester assignment and is there to consult students’ projects. This change enables the studio to deal with much more technologically demanding assignments such as virtual reality.


Logo of GDVC Studio (Photo by GDVC Studio)


We strive to encourage students to adapt experimental thinking and to build a relationship towards new technology with the focus on critical and creative thinking. They perceive graphic design in a contemporary context and they form a good sense of direction towards which the field is evolving, as well as its current needs.


Student experiencing HTC Vive (Photo by GDVC Studio)


VeeR: What is the meaning behind the logo of GDVC Studio?

GDVC Studio: It came out as a simple joke. Once we had to borrow TVs for our motion poster project. In the package there was also a manual of how to manipulate with them that showed the TVs crying like that. Students loved it and used that image in its visual style of our final semester exhibition. Since then it just stayed with the studio:)


Screenshot of Scary House (Photo by GDVC Studio)


VeeR: Could you please tell us more about GDVC’s Productions?

GDVC Studio: All of the videos were made during the winter semester 2016/2017 as part of the studio semester assignment. Students’ task was to create visual style for the Horror Movies Festival “Massakr” and the essential part of that should have been a video working with the principles of virtual reality.


Screenshot of The Cremator (Photo by GDVC Studio)


These videos are not at all typical assignment for our school and especially at graphic design department. What we wanted to accomplish was to make students think in 360 degrees. In the future, this will be the way of perceiving the world. Typical 2D outputs will be rarely used. This way we wanted to move the boundaries of graphic design to a completely new medium. We also expected to find new ways of interaction and storytelling in the visual style of an event. It was also important to us to free our students from the current trends in graphic design and to get visual style from another source. This means that the students had to implement VR visual style also in traditional 2D printed materials.


360 Photo of The Cremator (Photo by GDVC Studio)

On top of that, students were supposed to work outside their comfort zone and to enhance technological skills, experimental thinking and imagination.


360 Photo of Home Horror Video (Photo by GDVC Studio)


VeeR: We would love some explanations of the videos:)

GDVC Studio: First video which we have uploaded was created by Nam Do Hoai and Kryštof Josefus. They made a short VR movie rather than a teaser for the festival that communicates the needed information.



Passing through the haunted hallway is an unusual marriage of classic film techniques and modern technology. Everything the viewer sees around them was made by hand with the help of analogue devices. A scary but fun space that consumes the viewers is created by using tricks based on horror classics such as The Shining and Poltergeist. The hall itself, with a scale of only 1:10, changes the perspective, creating a strange illusion.



Author of the second teaser is Cindy Kutiková. Her video is a unique experience especially for Czech people. Through the goggles of virtual reality, the viewer becomes a part of the cult film scene ‘Spalovač mrtvol (The Cremator)’. This is not a reconstruction of the old scene (it would not be possible without the original actors), but enables the viewer to move into an authentic space (the iconic Pardubice Crematorium) accompanied by authentic sound.


Concept of the third teaser was made by Hoai Le Thi. It plays with the visual aesthetics of B-quality horror movies. It is inspired by homemade movies. The storyline is based on fears we experience when we stay alone in the dark at out home.


Screenshot of Home Horror Video (Photo by GDVC Studio)

The workflow of all projects was quite similar: research existing VR games and film on this topic, try to find the limits of the technology, come up with your own approach, keep it simple as possible yet still communicate your concept and then execute the final cut.



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