Create your own VeeLog

17 Apr , 2018 Contest,News VeeR VR

Create your own VeeLog

With your wholehearted welcome, Vee decided to visit our planet (don’t tell me you missed his manga)! Hooray! He is super curious about how Ramen noodle tastes like, what the Eiffel Tower looks like, where the lands meet the sea, and when spring would finally come.

It’s your turn to take charge from here. Create Vee’s travel diaries with us by sharing your 360/VR photos and videos with stickers of Vee and share it with #MyVeelog (All uploads with this hashtag will automatically sync to #MyVeelog tag page). We will update his trip with world map everyday on social media.

What Vee got for you each week:

1️⃣ Insta one

5️⃣ VeeR Limited edition Swag pack: Sportsbag, T-shirt, VeeR Cap, Vee Toy, and Vee Badge

To win the Insta One and VeeR Swag pack, you need to share your #MyVeelog content in 360/VR related Faceboook community and @letsveer. We will randomly select 6 participants each week and announce on social media. 

Campaign duration: April 16-May 13

To get started:

1. Create your journey with Vee by adding the Vee sticker to a 360/VR photo or video you have created through VeeR Editor or access Vee sticker this link.

2. Share your Vee story with #MyVeelog on or through VeeR mobile App (iOSAndroid)

3. Share your uploads in 360/VR related communities and @letsveer

Check out some example videos: 

Got an idea now? Create your own VeeLog and share with us by using the #MyVeelog hashtag! Vee can’t wait to start his adventure with you 🙂 Last week he has traveled to 8 countries already!

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