Coolest Way to Vlog — Everything You Need to Know About 360 Vlogging

28 Oct , 2017 Academy Nuoya Li

Coolest Way to Vlog — Everything You Need to Know About 360 Vlogging

We see lots of 360 vlogs popping up nowadays. As more people are trying out this relatively new medium, VeeR has interviewed experienced 360 vloggers, asking for their tips and advice for all those who are interested. Here we have compiled a list of top 5 tips for 360 vlog-making!


Tip No.1 Resonate with Your Audience

At the end of the day, 360 or not, a good vlog needs to resonate with audience in some meaningful way. It could be simple things like traveling around, experimenting a new thing, or a just taking a stroll in your neighborhood. But regardless of what you are doing, you always need to have a very clear idea on what story you want to tell from the beginning. Ryan of YummyVR adds, “Vlog-Making is about capturing a slice of life so it is important for people to act natural themselves.”



Tip No.2 Keep Your Camera Steady

Yes, this might sound very basic, but shaky hands affect 360 videos more than regular vlogs. Gabor Nagy found a solution to this. “I pull out the center column and even the legs to find the balance point with the camera. Then I can walk around with very nice camera moves. I don’t have to keep the camera in the same position, so I can even move it up and down smoothly, depending on the location or the things I want to focus in the video.” With a long stand or tripod in your hand, you can get out of the focus of interest as a cameraman. Otherwise, just invest in a gimbal!

Watch Me Climb a Glacier!!! by Chris Saint


Tip No.3 Camera Position and Timing

Get creative! Don’t just leave your camera in one position. I know it’s 360. But viewers like movements, so try to show your movie from different angles, heights, distances. Additionally, you want to give viewers enough time to explore/look around in each scene. Gabor went ahead and tested different lengths, he came to the conclusion that 7 seconds for a clip is just enough for viewers to look around.  


Tip No.4. Use VeeR Editor To Correct/Change Default Orientations for Clips

ORIENTATION! Can’t stress it enough. Shoot and transition into the event of interest. There is a default orientation for each clip you’ve shot. If you messed up, please spend 10 seconds to correct it using an editing APP. VeeR Editor does the job fine. Assume your viewers are lazy couch-potatoes, because if you don’t, you are not gonna make good vlogs, as simple as that.


Tip No.5 Use Text, Stickers, Music to Get Expressive

You have an awesome story to tell? Good! You got the camera placement right? Wonderful! Now make it more clear and enjoyable to watch by adding texts, stickers and music. Almost all 360 vloggers we interviewed mentioned that having music, text, filters, animated stickers can make a good v-log into a powerful one! And, VeeR Editor has updated a new amazing feature VeeR slideshow: to turn 360 photos into VR video, your panoramic photos now can become wonderful 360-degree videos!

Huge thanks to Josep Munoz, 360 CAM LAND, Chris Saint, Frank Shi, Jordan Simons, Hugh Hou, Sophie Pecora, Kevin Kunze, Zen CaptureAll, Szidor N. Gábor, Lisa Stel, Brandon Maijala for giving out tips to help us create this article.

Download VeeR Editor here:


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3 Responses

  1. Bruce Stevenson says:

    Sorry I am not buying this article. Big fan of Veer, but this barely touched the surface. Most of the tips are general vlog tips. You said experienced 360 vloggers when one even on the video said it was there first time doing it. Some of the “vloggers” are nothing more than gear reviewers and don’t put out any real vlogs of merit. It wouldn’t have been too hard to do a better article really.

    • VeeR VR VeeR VR says:

      Hi Bruce, if you have more tips to offer, we can do a separate tutorial, or you can be included on this list as well. How does that sound to you?
      360 vlogging is very new for a lot of people and we recognize that it might have been inaccurate to refer to people new to 360 vlogging “experienced” vloggers, but this post was focusing on encouraging more people to follow suit and try this new medium out and strengthening current creator relationships so please excuse the fallacy. We will look into the verbiage of this post and make changes accordingly.

      • Bruce Stevenson says:

        In general vlogs principals are well covered as far as what they are. And they are also individual depending on who does it and makes it special. Standard camera techniques are also well documented and most are applicable to 360 video. The difference comes when the benefit of 360 is used to make it different and more unique, and something that justifies using a 360 camera rather than a normal camera. I do a vlog using 360 and over the last year have experimented with different techniques that try and utilize the benefit of a 360 camera. Each video, I then do heatmaps to see what the viewer is doing, and what they aren’t. What I am doing in a video that works, and doesn’t work. I also am seeing that the audience is getting more tuned as to what 360 is and they are changing their habits as well. In short I have found that the faster the camera is moving the less the viewer looks around.The more the viewer can look at in the surround the better, so outside or big interior spaces are much better than small. Using normal film making techniques still add, but you should have the first two points in mind. As far as time or length of frame, that changes too depending on what is available for them to look at and the savviness of the viewer.

        I would be happy to work more on this with you all as I am a big fan and supporter of Veer. I think a lot of exploration should be done on how to use the common film making techniques in the 360 environment. It has amazing potential.

        Take care

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