Catatonic: Psychological Terror About Being Abandoned

26 Oct , 2018 News VeeR VR

Catatonic: Psychological Terror About Being Abandoned

As the elevator opens, you enter into one of the most terrifying and mysterious places — the psychiatric hospital. You are strapped in the wheelchair pushing by a guy who is trying to comfort you. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. In the last few minutes of your life, you are taken care of by a stranger, neither your families nor friends. Pathetic? It’s not the time to be sentimental and shed tears because more strangers, those you should regard them as beasts, are haunting you.


It looks like the hospital has been deserted for centuries. You start to ask yourself to ignore the faint lights and the creaking sound made by the wheelchair, praying to God that the treatment can be finished as soon as possible. The anxiety, insecurity, and isolation bring you back to the dismal life moments. When you slowly passing through the dreadful hallway, the tortured old woman whose face is beyond recognition stopped in your way. But wait! Why do you need psychological treatment? Who sent you here?



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Catatonic is not just a horror movie, it evokes the psychological terror of people who are afraid of being left, unloved and unwanted. Are you here because you are insane? I don’t think so cause at least you are scrutinizing the environment and considering the possibilities of being here as a rational human being. The only reasonable explanation is that you are abandoned by people who don’t want to see you again. It reminds you of the time abandoned by your childhood buddies in the playground, forgotten to be picked up by your father in kindergarten, and broken up with your lover over the phone. Have you ever overcome those hard times? If not, the ending of the story will spark your thoughts about previous depressing experiences.


Directed by Guy Shelmerdine, Catatonic is an immersive VR journey takes you on a dread-filled ride that will leave you gasping. “As the story goes along the route becomes more and more disturbing,” Shelmerdine said to WIRED. “There are some supernatural things that happen and then you end up basically being medicated to death and actually find peace.”


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