Bring your idea to Virtual Reality – Submission Q&A

31 May , 2019 News VeeR VR

Bring your idea to Virtual Reality – Submission Q&A

Since we started accepting submissions last week, we’ve received a bunch of amazing ideas already. We are so grateful and excited to have this opportunity to work with talented people from all around the world. To share more information about this project, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact Samantha at for more information. To submit your proposal, please fill this form according to our Submission Guideline by June 30th.


How much funding will be allocated to each co-produced project and why?

We will cover at least 30% of the total production cost, ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 USD. We will also consider increasing the amount if the project is especially outstanding. In summary, we will consider several factors, including but not limited to:

  • (platform) exclusivity 
  • production timeline and required budget
  • distribution rights
  • distribution channel

Therefore, it is difficult to give the exact percentage and amount of funding that will be provided, without further evaluation of said project. If your submission is approved after two rounds of review, our staff will contact you for more details. 


What’s special about VeeR’s funding program?

A. Our funded project will have us as a strong distribution ally with revenue share. VeeR already has established online and offline distribution channels, with our paywall.

  • Online:

Our funded project will be listed on VeeR’s Premium section in HMDs (Oculus, Xiaomi, Pico) under a pay-per-view model

  • Offline (China):

We have 2 types of LBE distribution channels. Besides collaborating with local VR cinemas and arcades to distribute our funded project, VeeR will also actively promote the content to new audiences by setting up self-service terminals in different types of entertainment venues, such as waiting areas in spas, restaurants, KTVs (Karaoke), shopping malls etc. Using our system (developed for offline distribution), people can simply scan the QR code on the headset, use their mobile phone to choose the content they want to watch and pay through WeChat.

B. For interactive experiences, we provide our own built-in, free online tool to save time on shooting and editing. Branch narrative features have been added to help bring your story to the next level. All the participants will have exclusive early access to this premium feature before the official launch.

C. As a quality content distribution platform, we have the first-hand audience and market insight to help you produce hot selling content. We encourage quick turnover for projects (within 3-6 months for production) so that we can get direct feedback from the market as soon as possible (for certain projects, a longer production timeline is acceptable). 


Except for co-production, is there other way I can put my content behind VeeR’s online and offline paywall?

We also accept content that is already ready to be distributed. If you have a finished project, please contact our Content Acquisition Manager at


If my project can’t be distributed using VeeR’s paywall, is there any other way that I can work with VeeR?

We encourage you to build your own channel on VeeR, with a unique or niche focus. For channels that manage to achieve high viewer engagement on VeeR, we will consider providing short-term financial incentives before we launch the subscription model by the end of the next quarter.


Why do I need to submit the materials required in the Submission Guideline? What can VeeR provide if I need help with content planning?

The required materials for two rounds of review will help us to give your project an initial evaluation. Our content managers specialize in different genres and will provide detailed feedback that will help your project perform better on the market.

For individuals with professional shooting/modeling experience in fields such as underwater, performing arts, science and exploration, etc., we will review your idea and can assign a producer to you, as well as plan content together. 

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