BeVRR: Building Singapore into the Next Regional Creative Hub for VR

4 Jun , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

BeVRR: Building Singapore into the Next Regional Creative Hub for VR

About: BeVRR (pronounced as be-ver) is a 360° Virtual Reality company certified by Google / YouTube as the 1st and only Live-Streaming Producer in Asia. The Company was spun-off from Bert Pictures, an industry leader in Cinema Equipment leases around the region. Ms. Ellie Ngim, co-founder and director of BeVRR, is here today to share some stories about her visionary company. For more information please visit


Dining Stars: EP 1 (Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee)


Bert Pictures was founded in 2012 in support of the local film industry in Singapore, and has only produced/invested in feature films since. Its VR production solely started out of curiosity, utilizing its then-existing assets and 4K cameras to shoot 360/VR. Around the same time, the entire VR industry started picking up with various HMD’s (head-mounted display) being produced on the market. As the medium grows, the company decided to spin-off its 360/VR arm to better manage both sides of the business and prevent brand dilution. Our early focus was mostly on client projects that include brands and various training simulations. It is only later on that we started to leverage on our creative team to start producing our own bespoke/ exclusive contents.

BeVRR first started with a focus on client projects including brands and various training simulations. Later on, the leadership decided to leverage the creative team to start producing our their bespoke/exclusive content.

Less than a year ago, BeVRR successfully launched the first 360 VR lifestyle series, ‘Dining Stars’, during the Singapore Media Festival 2016 and managed Asia’s first nationwide live 360-degree telecast of the three-hour Singapore National Day Parade, in partnership with Google. The show was inspired by the interest in discovering and showcasing the less-known restaurants which were nonetheless just as exquisite as the high-profile restaurants. For that reason, the studio initiated the project to exhibit some of these hidden gems together with some better-known restaurants, using VR as a medium for the purpose of immersive experience. BeVRR quickly became one of the biggest VR series on VeeR.


Rebecca Tan, host of “Dining Stars”


A main vision of BeVRR is to promote and drive the adoption of VR technology, witness more amazing VR content being produced, in an environment where media and technology are fast converging. At the same time, the studio tries to focus on themes where they can include viewers with varying experiences and life stories.


Miptv report on BeVRR


Being a widely-experienced studio, BeVRR is fully aware of the importance of engaging its viewers. Realizing the challenges VR storytelling poses comparative to traditional videography, BeVRR highlights the usage of audio cues to direct the consumers’ sights while ensuring that the same story would unravel in different ways under individual contexts.


Signing of the memorandum between Singapore Polytechnic and BeVRR


Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and BeVRR signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on May 30, to launch CET programs for Virtual Reality (VR) 360 Filmmaking. The program enrolls adult learners in a 2-day workshop in VR 360 Filmmaking that equips them with the necessary know-how of VR production to jump-start their own VR careers through a technical and immersive learning experience. Starting from the vision that VR is transforming the landscape of social media, marketing and user engagement, BeVRR is taking yet another step toward building Singapore into a regional hub of creative talent.

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