6 Best VR Box/Headsets for iPhone and Android in 2017

9 Aug , 2017 Staff Picks VeeR VR

6 Best VR Box/Headsets for iPhone and Android in 2017

VR is one of the biggest trends in 2017 and now it’s easier than ever to experience the immersive virtual reality. Over the last months, new iPhone 7 with significant technology breakthrough has co me to people’s life. A good VR box or headset will be a perfect match for your iPhone or Android to watch VR videos. Download a VeeR VR app, put your phone in it, start the exploration of VR world. But there are so many VR headsets selling on the market, which one is worth buying? How to choose the best cell phone VR headset? Hope you can find the ideal one from the following VR headsets.

1. VeeR Virtual Reality Headset    $7.99 (Buy on Amazon)

VeeR cardboard for iOS or Android

Inspired by Google Cardboard, VeeR 3D Virtual Reality Headsets for VR 360 videos & movies compatible with Android, iOS & Windows smartphones within 3.5-6 inches (Black), now it’s on sale with the price only $7.99.

2. Google Cardboard     $15

There is no doubt that the cheap price of google cardboard is its biggest bright spot. Low price to quickly bring you into the virtual reality. But please note, for a VR fan, this VR headset might be too weak, you cannot expect it to last for a long time because of its material AAA grade corrugated paper. If you just want to explore the VR, this VR box can be a good choice.

google cardboard

Google Cardboard

3. VeeR Fabric VR Headset  $25.99  Buy on Amazon

The fabric VR box equipped with a controller, light-weighted, only sells for a very low price at $25.99. Compared to the Daydream VR, it’s cheaper and lighter, allowing users to explore the virtual reality games, films, and others in a more comfortable way for an even longer time.

VeeR 360 fabric headset


4. Google Daydream View    $59

Use your Daydream ready to experience a whole new reality with this Daydream View VR headset, which features a lightweight headset for comfortable wear. This headset has an intuitive controller for hands-on experience of your VR adventures. Featuring a soft, washable design and an easy-load system, this Daydream View VR headset immerses you in amazing views by turning on your phone.

Google Daydream VR headset

Google Daydream VR headset


5. Merge VR Goggles     $59.99

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Merge VR Goggles provide an immersive virtual reality experience powered by your smartphone. Explore virtual worlds with these Merge VR goggles. The input system lets you perform a simultaneous action, such as running and jumping, and the soft foam construction keeps you comfortable. These Merge VR goggles take you to new worlds via hundreds of apps with VR START on your iPhone 7.

Merge VR Goggles

Merge VR Goggles

6. Samsung Gear VR     $129.99

Samsung Gear VR is one of the best selling VR headsets for Samsung phones, which transforms virtual reality with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences. Every move, from turning and grabbing to pointing and lifting, is naturally connected from physical to virtual, making it more intuitive and spellbinding than ever before.

Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

There are also many other headsets for virtual reality, you can choose the most suitable one for your phones. Once you have your headset ready, you can download VeeR VR app and use the headset to explore the amazing virtual reality world.

VeeR VR is a global 360 content platform established in late 2016. Within a year of its establishment, it's become a phenomenon sweeping through the 360 community, and has been featured on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we also believe that you are the future of VR.

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