6 Best VR Headsets for iPhone and Android

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6 Best VR Headsets for iPhone and Android

VR is one of the biggest trends in 2017, and VeeR has an abundance of VR videos for your enjoyment. Though watching videos on your mobile is palatable enough for some, many still shoot for better immersion and complete experience with VR headsets. But do you know which VR headsets on the market work the best for your phone? Let VeeR guide you by the hand.

1. Google Cardboard $15

Google Cardboard is a fun, inexpensive way to turn nearly any iPhone or Android phone into a virtual reality viewer; however, the simplistic setup means your experience won’t come close to what high-end VR goggles like Oculus or Gear VR can provide.

2. Google Daydream View

$59.99 for Limited Time Offer (reg $79)

Daydream View is a easy-to-use headset made from Lightweight stretch fabric with a hand-washable facepad. It’s offered in three colors: slate, crimson and snow. The headset weighs 7.76 oz (220 g) only. It’s matching bluetooth controller has 9 axis IMUs and can run for 12 hours with one charge.

3. Samsung Gear VR $129.99

The Gear VR headset has 101 degrees of FOV and weighs 345 g. Its companion app features a huge VR library but is unable to track movements in a room. The new version is added with a wireless controller compared to its predecessors, which makes the app infinitely easier to navigate than when only a head-mounted touchpad was available.

4. Merge VR Goggles $59.99

This pair of VR goggles is made from allegedly “marshmallow soft” and “drop-tested” antimicrobial material with adjustable lenses. The product line has 10 colors available. The headset has 96 degrees of FOV.

5. iDudu VR Price $28.99

The iDudu headset has a 120-degree large FOV, and surprisingly suitable for people within 0–800 degrees myopia, and 0–400 degree hyperopia. It has three adjustable straps for flexible wear, and is padded around the nose bridge and face foam protecter with perforated leather.

6. Mi VR (not to be confused with Mi VR Play) $14.99

Similar to Gear VR, Mi VR is a proper mobile VR viewer and has its own motion sensor and doesn’t simply rely on your phone’s. The foam padding ensures there’s no light bleed once the headset is properly adjusted. The display offers 103 degrees FOV over a 428ppi 1920 x 1080 display.

Download VeeR’s app once your gear is good to go, and feast your eyes on a world of amazing VR content!

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