Best VR Anime Lists (VR anime girls, videos and games)

7 Mar , 2018 Others VeeR VR

Best VR Anime Lists (VR anime girls, videos and games)

Virtual reality has been making waves in the animation and comic realms. For animators, traditional 2D visual media tend to appear linear and involve locked off shots or camera angles, VR experiences feature multiple vantage points are similar to real-world experiences. Here we have complied 12 great VR anime videos/films for you. Enjoy!

VR Animation Film – The Dream Collector

Discover what happens to our abandoned dreams in VR animation film “The Dream Collector”, one of the finalists in Venice VR this year. It follows the story of an old man and his dog, who collect broken dreams and try to fix them.


Colorful VR animation from the director of Madagascar and narrated by Ethan Hawke.
INVASION! is colorful short about a duo of aliens with grand ambitions to take over our world. Instead, they are greeted by two adorable, white bunnies….
Official selection of Cannes Le Marché du Film, Toronto International Film Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival.

Caminandes VR Demo

vr anime videos

Blender Institute worked with the Google VR team to convert the opening sequence of our latest Llama cartoon into a 360 degree VR experience.

Jack of All Trades – The Butcher

Best VR Anime Girls

Anime girls have also been a popular category for this new medium. Get immersive and check them out!

360°MMD 3D Lupin

Womanizer-Britney Spears

Hi-Fi raver 3D VR

Best VR anime games

Silent Hill: The Room – Room 302 (360VR Image)

Minecraft Map – Forest

Summoner’s Rift Action

PokéFind – Will’s Bike Shop

EVE: Valkyrie VR Carrier Tour (360 Degree Video)

More VR anime videos, you can visit the category of VR ANIME, all types of 360 animation videos are there!

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